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Extra Stuff About the Moon

by Serenity Chappell



full moon & clouds

Extra Stuff About the Moon
Little morsels to mull over while you're here
& take with you when you go

* The Moon, of course, is not just a charming component in Astrology, full of symbolism & mystery. It's also a thing up in the sky. I'm sure you know it well.

* The Moon is Earth's nearest celestial neighbor. Thus we've been able to study it better & learn more about it than any other component in the Solar System. We've actually managed to send actual humans to visit the moon in person. Years (or decades, or centuries) from now, that may not be such a big deal, but all things considered, right now, today, it is.

The Moon in Astrology: Basic Stuff | The Moon in Astrology: Quick Notes

* It's not like we've treated it with much care or respect, let alone reverence, however. The last time a man walked on the moon was in 1972 as part of the Apollo 17 mission. That man was Gene Cernan. The first man to walk on the moon -- at least in contemporary legend -- was Neil Armstrong in 1969 -- as a member of the famed Apollo 11 mission. The renowned "One giant leap for mankind" quote was in celebration of that moment.

* In those three years, a total of twelve men set foot on the moon. Supposedly. Given how the government routinely lies to its citizens & the world at large just for the fun of it, I've sadly concluded ... Maybe, maybe not. I don't know -- & literally anything is possible, from us actually managing this marvelous feat ... to staging it for the cameras in some lonely warehouse facility very much here on Earth.

* But for the sake of peace & this piece of writing in particular, let's assume it did. To quote Hemingway, "Isn't it pretty to think so?"

Moon Lore | Moonstruck


Bonus Bits

moon and international space station

Extra Stuff About the Moon
Once again, little morsels to mull over
while you're here & take with you
when you go

* All missions since that final one in 1972 have been unmanned -- space craft only. The official reason given is budget cuts to NASA. The project simply became too expensive to justify itself -- with nothing new in the way of "spectacle" to be gained by manned flight & all the associated dangers. Some, however, say there are other reasons.

* Supposedly another manned mission to the moon is planned by 2024. Don't hear much about that one, do we? Reports say it will include the first woman to go to the moon (Sorry, Alice.) & another man. (Because ... of course.) The objective here is to lay the foundations for more human exploration on Mars by 2028 ... because, yeah, of course we need to go to Mars. Can't manage to raise the minimum wage or help make college affordable ... but, we can dream about, plan for, and apparently fund cr*p like this. Yay, America!!!

Sun Sign / Moon Sign | The Moon -- What Does It Mean in Astrology?

* Meanwhile, before we possibly finagled a way to send people there, the US government evidently seriously considered detonating a nuclear bomb on the Moon -- as a way to scare the whey out of Russia & help boost sagging American morale. Nothing like a nuclear bomb spreading debris & fallout all over the cosmos ... from the Moon, no less, to put a smile on your face. What a rush!! (And we wonder why the aliens fly right past us ... ) But, thank you whoever managed to squash this idea, whatever the reason.

* The official line is this project didn't go forward because they feared a negative public reaction. (Gee, y'think?) Also, that thing about the militarization of space. (Blah, blah, blah.) In the end, the notion of a lunar landing got the nod & was deemed to likely be more popular than ... blowing up a bomb. On the moon. So we could all see the flash. (How quaint though to remember a time when the US government actually gave a flying f**k about "popular opinion!" Probably one of the last times.)


Moon in Astrology
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Moonwalking 1 -- The magic world of inner space ---> The Moonwalking Series Tiny articles on The Moon in Astrology Quick to read, easy to digest, easy to remember ---> The magic world of inner space ---> The Moon completes its circuit of the Zodiac -- moving through all 12 signs -- in just under a month -- every 27.3 days. It stays in each sign roughly 2 1/2 days. The Moon rules Zodiac sign Cancer and is associated with the interests of the natural 4th House.

Moonwalking 2 -- Where we feel at home ---> The Moonwalking Series Tiny articles on The Moon in Astrology Quick to read, easy to digest, easy to remember ---> Where we feel at home ---> Moon information reveals a picture of our inner world, our most intimate selves ... and the things we need on a primal, even pre-verbal level. Moon information describes what we need to feel supported, protected and loved. Moon energy describes what comforts us.

Moonwalking 3 -- Letting life solve its own problems ---> The Moonwalking Series Tiny articles on The Moon in Astrology Quick to read, easy to digest, easy to remember ---> Letting Life solve its own problems ---> When The Moon changes signs from one to the next, it signals a shift in the moods and prevailing emotional attitudes for everyone. This explains why a day that starts out pensive and gloomy can shift part-way through and become lighter, cheerful and sunny ... .

Moonwalking 4 -- The inner world of feelings ---> The inner world of feelings ---> The Moonwalking Series Tiny articles on The Moon in Astrology Quick to read, easy to digest, easy to remember ---> The Moon in your horoscope represents one of the more complicated pieces of personality. First of all, it deals with feelings and emotions -- so already, we're on shaky ground ....

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The Moon in Astrology
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* The Moon in General -- Your Inner Self of Feelings, Emotions and Intuition ---> Welcome to your inner world ---> In Astrology, The Moon represents our inner feelings, our emotions ... and our deep security needs. It reflects our basic habits, instincts and automatic reactions. It speaks to some elements of our Karma and childhood home, our upbringing, family background ...

* The Moon -- Ruler of Cancer ---> One of the most important components in your horoscope ---> The Moon, silvery, mysterious and reflective, is the astrological metaphor which symbolizes an individual's inner, feeling-based personality. Along with the Sun and the Ascendant (or Rising Sign -- the sign that was literally rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth, the Moon is one of the three most significant components in a horoscope, traditionally considered ....

* What Does the Moon Represent -- in Your Natal Chart -- What is it ... and why is it important? ---> The Sun / The Moon ---> What's the difference? ---> The Sun in your horoscope represents your essential self -- the outer personality you present to the world and to most people who know you. But The Sun represents only one member of a whole family of inner selves, although ....


More on the Moon

* Moon Magic ---> Secrets and mysteries ---> The Moon has a mystique all its own. It is often associated with secrecy and mystery ... and is associated with strange, uncanny powers. It evokes a peculiar range of responses in cultures everywhere, from curiosity and wonder, to romance and affection, to awe and dread. In legend (and the lore of police and hospital personnel), the Full Moon brings forth weird behaviors, extreme reactions ...

* The Moon in its Celestial Voyage ---> Feelings & Emotions ---> The Moon's position in the sky and in the Zodiac plots the emotional climate of life for us all. The Moon doesn't cause the emotional shifts and changing tone of the different moods we all experience. These simply correspond to the Moon's position in the natural rhythms of life, and as such provides a convenient indicator of what's happening, where we are in the monthly cycle of progression ....


Sun and Moon

* The Sun and Moon in Your Natal Chart -- Two powerful descriptions of you ---> Your two most important Inner Selves ---> Even in the more subtle, introverted signs, like Scorpio, Virgo and Pisces, The Sun's energy in your horoscope is considered powerful, masculine and demonstrative. Its expression can be overwhelmed and disguised by other factors or afflictions in the horoscope, but not easily.

* The Luminaries in Astrology -- The Sun and The Moon -- What are they ... and what's the difference? ---> The Light-givers ---> The Luminaries -- This term refers to The Sun and The Moon in a horoscope -- distinguishing them from the other common elements ... the eight known planets, excluding the Earth. The term luminary suggests The Sun and The Moon are both sources of light ....


Moon Sign

* You, Your Moon, Your Moon Sign -- in Natal Astrology ---> The Co-star in your horoscope ---> The Moon's Sign and House position give just as much valid information about a person's character as the Sun Sign. In fact, in some people, the Moon information is even more revealing and important. Pop culture relies on Sun Sign astrology though for its material because the Sun ...

* Your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign -- Just What's Going On Here? ---> Three ways of defining you ... ---> The short answer to this question is: Your Sun sign tells about your basic ego, your Moon sign tells about you emotional inner self, and your Ascendant tells about your outer presentation to the rest of the world. If you want to know more ... read on: There are three main components . ...


Related to the Moon

* A Day with No Lunar Aspects -- Not quite one thing ... not quite another ---> First things first ---> To understand this article, you may need a little bit of background. First of all ... do you know about the Void-of-Course Moon? If so, great. Skip down and read on. If not, take a minute or two (honest, that's all you'll need) to read about it.


Special Moons

The New Moon * -- A Celestial Milestone ---> When The Moon joins The Sun in the sky ---> In astrology, the celestial phenomenon known as the New Moon occurs at the exact moment the Sun and the Moon occupy precisely the same point in the sky-map of the Zodiac -- the same degree and minute of arc in a particular sign. This alignment is known as a conjunction. In astronomy and physical reality, the New Moon forms when the Moon aligns between the Sun and the Earth so the side facing us reflects no light.

* Shadows in the Moonlight -- The Full Moon and its Testy Temper ---> The Sun Opposing The Moon Who you are now vs. who you used to be ---> The aspect of the Sun opposing the Moon is the classic celestial show the rest of the world calls The Full Moon. In Astrology, The Full Moon highlights tension between two conflicting desires, ambitions, requirements, or sets of values -- each a necessary part of life, and each somehow a problem for the other.

* What is the Dark of the Moon? -- When the Night's Moon Fades to Black ---> When the night brings no moonlight at all The Dark of the Moon refers to that phase in the Moon's monthly cycle when the Sun and Moon are so closely aligned there is no reflected light from the Sun available to shine from the Moon's surface. The Moon, if you can see it at all -- it's way too close to the Sun, appears black and dead in the sky, and, of course, the nights themselves, with no moonlight at all, are especially dark and still.

* So ... What IS the Void-of-Course Moon? -- When life slows to a stop ---> What's this all about? The Moon circles through all twelve signs of the Zodiac about every 28 days, spending about 2 1/2 days in each sign. As it moves through each sign, the Moon forms angles -- called aspects -- with the Sun and planets. These lunar aspects and the changes they mark describe the ebb and flow of moods and attitudes throughout the day. But the time between the last lunar aspect in a sign ... and when the Moon enters the next sign ... is special. Astrologers call this time the void-of-course Moon. These time periods come at the end of every M


The Moon in Folklore

So what IS a Black Moon? ---> A black moon. Ever hear of it? ---> Sure most people have heard of a "blue moon" ... as in "once in a blue moon." Not so many can give you even one of the several definitions for that, though. They know it means a long time -- except for those who think it means something that never comes along at all. There is such a thing as a Blue Moon, though. The second full moon in a calendar month is commonly called a Blue Moon ... and this happens once every 2 3/4 years.

What is a Blood Moon? ---> It's a total Lunar eclipse. That's it. ---> Every once in a while, weathermen on television and other media types get all hyped about something they call a Blood Moon. They act like it's something really rare and mysterious. It's not. Mostly they're capitalizing on the description, because that sounds strange and worrisome. And it does, doesn't it? A Blood Moon occurs during a total lunar eclipse, and it's called that because the phenomenon turns the night's spectacular Full Moon a dark reddish color for a few hours.

* What is a Blue Moon? ---> One term, three definitions ---> As if to prove something can never just be easy, there are three definitions of a Blue Moon. All describe an unusual type of Full Moon. Once upon a time -- as in "traditionally" -- a Blue Moon was the third Full Moon in a season. Weird, right? I mean, who on earth has time to figure that out. Somebody, apparently. 'Cause that definition lasted a while. So, because I have the internet now and can research this stuff, I've found that the second definition of a Blue Moon -- the one most people use, since it's easy and sensible -- and who can resist


A Moon-Related Phenomena

* What's the Difference Between -- A Solar and a Lunar Eclipse? -- Different Issues ... Different Requests for Your Attention ---> The physics of it ---> A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the sunlight from view for a short time. ( Earth ---> Moon ---> Sun ) A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the Moon ....

* Eclipses -- Special Alignments between -- The Sun, The Moon and The Earth -- for those who like their Astrology straight-up and hard core ---> An eclipse -- why it happens ---> In ancient times, eclipses were viewed with fear and wariness -- since they were imperfectly understood. But even today, when we fully understand the cause of eclipses ... and can predict their appearances years in advance, there's still a definite ambivalence -- even among astrologers ....

* Eclipses: A Celestial Show in Light and Shadow -- The User-Friendly Version ---> A celestial sensation ---> Eclipses have long been viewed with wariness and caution. They are, for certain, visually impressive events. If you ever have the chance to see one, it's worth the effort. But if you missed the latest one, never fear. There will be others! Eclipses also seem to foretell changes and developments far more momentous than those predicted by an ordinary lunation.

From EDA: Solar Eclipses ---> Everyday Astrology July 4, 2019 Solar Eclipses ---> Astrologers have always respected the symbolic power of eclipses. Even today an aura of apprehension and foreboding may attend one's arrival. But predictions that link eclipses with problems, misfortune and disasters, I think, miss the mark. Eclipses represent significant points of change ....


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From EDA: The Moon ---> Everyday Astrology January 4, 2020 The Moon ---> The Earth & Moon have a special relationship both in the sky & in the metaphysical discipline of Astrology. To an Astrologer, the physics & the symbolism of it all is interesting. The Earth orbits the Sun; the Moon orbits the Earth -- & thus indirectly the Moon orbits the Sun. The Earth rotates (spins) on its axis. So does the Moon -- something we never observe from our vantage point on Earth. Why is this?

Moon Signs -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology August 9, 2019 Moon Signs ---> As the Moon travels through the Zodiac signs, making the full circle each month, it sets the emotional tone for each day ... what the overall mood is like, how it "feels" generally, what interests it highlights and what activities will be productive.

The Sun and The Moon -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology September 28, 2020 The Sun and the Moon ---> In Astrology, the Sun and the Moon are a study in contrasts. They can be seen as mirror-images, on the one hand -- & on the other, they complete each other, making a greater, more dimensional picture of what a horoscope is describing. To have the information from one is a key element in understanding the character of the person or the nature of the event a horoscope contains.


More from the Blogs

From EDA: The New Moon ---> Everyday Astrology December 15, 2020 The New Moon ---> New Moons are special -- from the energy that accompanies them, to their spiritual & symbolic meaning, to its visual appearance. That last is kind of tongue-in-cheek. The New Moon forms when the Moon & Sun align in the sky, in the same degree & minute of arc of the Zodiac.. Or, as astronomers phrase it, when the Sun & Moon have the same ecliptic longitude. (When the Sun, Moon & Earth line up on the Plane of the Ecliptic.) The irony part is that at the moment of the New Moon every month, the night sky is totally

Full Moon Energy -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology December 31, 2020 The Full Moon ---> The Full Moon every month is a peak of cosmic energy, the high point of both illumination from the physical satellite & the height of contradiction from the energy. Astrology views this connection as the collision of opposites who must somehow reconcile their competing interests & other differences. The Full Moon is about choices, but since many don't realize this, all they feel is the tension. The stress of a Full Moon is notorious. Under the Full Moon, those not conscious of these higher patterns & the

The Full Moon -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology October 1, 2020 The Full Moon The Harvest Moon ---> Every few years we get a year with 13 Full Moons in a year instead of 12. The same happens with a New Moon, but I won't get into that now. It depends on when the artificial human calendar (and its arbitrary, arcane idea of "months") synchs up with the actual, ongoing, eternal celestial rhythms. When either happens, one event comes very near the beginning of the month and the other very near the end. A Full Moon happens every 29.5 days. (And again, the same with a New Moon) So every year yo


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