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* The Full Moon in Cancer
Opposing the Sun in Capricorn
Balancing Your Private and Public Lives

by Rebecca Brents


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full moon

Family vs. Career

The Full Moon in Cancer opposing the Sun in Capricorn restates the classic dilemma of home vs. career, professional life vs. private life, public responsibilities vs. family responsibilities that we dealt with six months ago.

Now the shoe is on the other foot, with your ambitions, self-image, and personal focus set out in the area of professional status and community achievement ... and your heart longing to be home, safe in the haven of your private life, with time and attention available for development of your inner world.


full moon

Finding the balance ... again

Basically the scales have tipped to the point of excessive focus in your public life ... and so the awareness now emerges that you need to devote more time to your family relationships, home conditions, and private interests.

Once again, you need to find a point of balance between what could be two full time occupations -- an obviously impossible condition to meet. But finding ways to compromise between your public demands and your private loves and reach an acceptable situation for each is your task now as you look for ways to satisfy both without slighting either.

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The Full Moon in Astrology
Light Reading & Open Articles

The Full Moon in Astrology: Basic Stuff ---> At least one Full Moon in every sign ---> * There will be at least one Full Moon in every Zodiac sign -- but not necessarily one every month. Sometimes -- rarely, but sometimes -- February gets skipped. Also sometimes -- rarely, but sometimes -- there will be two Full Moons in a Zodiac sign -- one very near the beginning and the other very near the end. * Full Moons form when the Moon is directly opposite the Sun in the sky.

Quick Notes on the Full Moon ---> It's complicated ---> Full Moons accompany a time of complex emotions and concerns. There's often a lot going on when a Full Moon arrives ... activities, interests and commitments on the outside, and ambivalence, confusion and a distinct level of concern and distress on the inside. Full Moons are not comfortable in the way that the New Moon time will be. Full Moons are times of pressure and division.


The Full Moon in Astrology
Members Content

* Full Moon Conflicts -- Full Moon Tension through the Signs ---> Full Moon Conflicts ---> Aries Sun / Libra Moon = My ambitions, my drive for self-definition, my need to assert myself and my independence vs. my need to take other people into account, my desire for meaningful partnerships, my habitual efforts to compromise, keep the peace, and get along. When stressed, the attitude of the Aries Sun is aggressive, bossy, and self-centered, and that of the Libra Moon is manipulative and pouting.

* The Fractiousness and Fracture Lines of the Full Moon -- The crisis is predictable. It happens every month. ---> One of life's great divides -- All Full Moons involve some kind of conflict. Usually, as the Full Moon forms ... and for several nights following, you feel pulled in two directions at once, required to try and serve two masters ... no matter how impossible you know that is logically. Life's demands in two opposing / competing areas become equally demanding and intense.

* Shadows in the Moonlight -- The Full Moon and its Testy Temper ---> The Sun Opposing The Moon ---> Who you are now vs. who you used to be ---> The aspect of the Sun opposing the Moon is the classic celestial show the rest of the world calls The Full Moon. In Astrology, The Full Moon highlights tension between two conflicting desires, ambitions, requirements, or sets of values -- each a necessary part of life, and each somehow a problem for the other.


Cancer / Capricorn Combos

* The Full Moon in Capricorn -- Opposing the Sun in Cancer -- Balancing Your Professional Responsibilities -- and Your Family Obligations ---> Summer's First Full Moon ---> This opposition, which happens once every year soon after the Summer Solstice, highlights the tug-of-war between the responsibilities you have to your private life, family members, and home situation -- and the emotional yearning for fame, acclaim, recognition, and accomplishment in your professional field and career.

Cancer Moonlight 2 ---> Introduction -- The Moon travels completely around the Zodiac ... through all twelve signs every month -- a trip that lasts about 28.3 days each time. It makes this circle 13 times a year. It stays in each sign about 2 1/2 days.

* Born with the Sun in Cancer -- The Cancer Character ---> Cancer's symbol is the crab ---> Citizens of an inner world ---> Cancers are spirits of emotions and moods. Their feelings -- and inconsistencies -- the shifting climates of their inner world form the landscape where they live. Cancers have a mood for every occasion. Feelings count with them more than thoughts, or logic, or even the evidence of reality.


The Full Moon
From the Blogs, Ezines
and Elsewhere

Full Moon in Cancer -- Opposing the Capricorn Sun -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology December 30, 2020 The Full Moon in Cancer ---> The Cancer Moon is the Cardinal Water Moon. It's also at home in the Zodiac sign it rules. The Capricorn Sun is the Cardinal Earth Sun. Normally these elements are considered compatible. The Full Moon (in any polarity) is the exception to the rule. Here, instead of being compatible, this pair is complimentary -- & each must recognize the needs & priorities of the other as legitimate to balance the relationship.

From EDA: The Full Moon -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology November 19, 2021 The Full Moon ---> The Full Moon is visible from our vantage point on Earth about once a month. The actual "Full Moon" forms when the Moon exactly opposes the Sun across the sky, one horizon to the other. This exactness lasts only a few minutes at most. So, when we talk about the Full Moon as a practical matter, we're talking about the Moon's visual appearance.

Full Moon Energy -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology October 21, 2021 Full Moon Energy ---> The positions of the celestial bodies, their movement & aspects, their progress & relationship to one another means something in Astrology. And so, by extension, this means something to everyone, every human certainly, & probably to every life form, including the principle of Life itself. Everything is connected. This is yet another example. Like it or not, believe it or not. As above, so below.


Musings on the Full Moon Series

Musings on the Full Moon 1 -- Working with our closest celestial neighbor ---> It happens every month ---> The Full Moon is an unmistakable sight, one of the heaven's most awesome shows. There is at least one full moon every month. Every 2 - 3 years we get a second one in a calendar month. In all, we get 12 - 13 a year. The Full Moon is the visual climax of the Moon's monthly tango with the Sun -- the point at which the Moon and The Sun oppose one another in the sky.

Musings on the Full Moon 2 -- Conflict and confrontation ---> A conflict of opposites ---> For obvious reasons, Astrologers see the Full Moon as an opposition -- an aspect of confrontation and projection, and it is one of the highlights that graces every sign. Every month as the Full Moon forms, the Sun in one sign -- and the interests and qualities it represents, confronts the Moon in the opposite sign -- with a conflicting agenda of needs and desires.

Musings on the Full Moon 3 -- A different, special energy ---> Full Moon energy is real & different ---> Over the years, I've written lots of stuff about full moons, the visual spectacle they provide, the special energy they carry ... & why they have such a notorious reputation. "Logical types" insist the whole idea is silly, that Full Moon energy is no different than any other. They say, "It's all in your head," like that solves the problem.

Musings on the Full Moon 4 -- A regular rhythm ---> The eternal rhythm ---> Like the New Moon, the Full Moon forms on a predictable schedule. Not a regular schedule. The time intervals vary. But we know when it will happen, because we can calculate it. That makes it "close enough" for most of us & our various, general purposes. In general, the Full Moon forms about once a month -- on average every 29.53 days. This interval is called a synodic month.

Musings on the Full Moon 5 -- Earth's celestial companion ---> The Earth's celestial companion ---> * The Moon is the Earth's only natural satellite. It is fashioned from the same components as Earth itself. Scientists believe the Moon was formed early in the Earth's existence when an object about the size of Mars collided with the Earth in a glancing blow that broke off a portion of the Earth & sent it deep into space. There it was ultimately slowed by the Earth's gravitational pull & began to orbit the Earth.

Understanding The Full Moon -- For Everyone -- A Conflict in Values ---> Understanding The Full Moon ---> Let's talk about the meaning, energy and dynamics of the Full Moon -- any full moon. We get one every month and while the themes and interests change each time, some things stay constant. Full Moons are about choices -- achieving balance between opposing needs, priorities, interests and life strategies. Each pair contains two extreme sets of ideas that balance somewhere in the middle.


Related Reading

* Born with the Sun in Capricorn -- The Capricorn Character ---> Reputation is everything! ---> If there's a party animal anywhere in your character, it comes from somewhere other than your Capricorn energy. The Capricorn part of you was born sober, and grown up, and knowing how to behave. That Capricorn part of you wouldn't tie one on or wear a silly paper hat at gunpoint. There's bound to be a camera somewhere in the room ... or a lurking reporter. Or the local gossip.

When the Sun is in Capricorn ---> Doing what it takes to get through -- When the Sun is in Capricorn, people are conservative, deliberate, dignified and determined. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is winter, after all -- and everyone needs to make it from here to Spring. Consequently, actions and attitudes are frugal, methodical, organized and steady. The mood is serious, practical, responsible, and prudent.

* The Sun in General -- Your Essential Self of Power, Will, Vitality and Ambition ---> The essence of you -- In Astrology, The Sun represents your basic core identity. It gives information about the qualities of your ego, your individual self-expression, your self-image and your sense of personal identity.

* The Moon in General -- Your Inner Self of Feelings, Emotions and Intuition ---> Welcome to your inner world -- In Astrology, The Moon represents our inner feelings, our emotions ... and our deep security needs. It reflects our basic habits, instincts and automatic reactions.

* The New Moon in Capricorn -- Capricorn Energy in the Creative Process ---> The last of the Earth Signs -- Ah, Capricorn!! The last and most action oriented of the Earth Signs. Things that are nurtured and earned in Taurus, tended to and perfected in Virgo ... are finally established and solidified in Capricorn.


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  full moon  moon phases  cancer  capricorn  500 Words or Less  


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