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* The Full Moon in Capricorn
Opposing the Sun in Cancer
Balancing Your Professional Responsibilities
and Your Family Obligations

by Rebecca Brents


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full moon

Summer's First Full Moon

This opposition, which happens once every year soon after the Summer Solstice, highlights the tug-of-war between the responsibilities you have to your private life, family members, and home situation -- and the emotional yearning for fame, acclaim, recognition, and accomplishment in your professional field and career.

The aspect of the Sun opposing the Moon is the classic phenomenon the rest of the world calls the Full Moon. The Full Moon symbolically highlights a state of tension between two conflicting desires, ambitions, requirements, or sets of values -- each a respected and necessary part of life, and each somehow problematic for the other.


Again, it's about balance

In this situation, as in all oppositions, a compromise of some sort is necessary to satisfy the requirements of both elements -- in this case, ego desires on the one hand and emotional loyalties and possibly firmly ingrained habits on the other.

The balancing act, especially in this configuration, is often not an easy one ... since it places two different systems, personal desires, of inner parts of you in conflict with one another, requiring that some kind of new arrangements be found and new bargains struck with yourself about the conduct of your life.

Usually, however, the energy of oppositions will play out in the form of interpersonal conflicts, problems in your relationships, disagreements between you ... and a partner, or at the very least, quarrels and clashes between you and someone else in which neither side is right, neither side is wrong, but both sides are willing to go to extremes to get their own way in the matter at hand -- and both sides display the most unattractive features of their various energies during the "negotiations" between them.

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* Eclipses -- Special Alignments between -- The Sun, The Moon and The Earth -- for those who like their Astrology straight-up and hard core ---> An eclipse -- why it happens ---> In ancient times, eclipses were viewed with fear and wariness -- since they were imperfectly understood. But even today, when we fully understand the cause of eclipses ... and can predict their appearances years in advance, there's still a definite ambivalence -- even among astrologers -- about this peculiar, visually stunning astronomical phenomenon. From a strictly astrological viewpoint, a Solar Eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon occupy the same degree of a Zodiac sign and are positioned in the sky so that the Moon blocks the Sun from view.

* Eclipses: A Celestial Show in Light and Shadow -- The User-Friendly Version ---> A celestial sensation ---> Eclipses have long been viewed with wariness and caution. They are, for certain, visually impressive events. If you ever have the chance to see one, it's worth the effort. But if you missed the latest one, never fear. There will be others! Eclipses also seem to foretell changes and developments far more momentous than those predicted by an ordinary lunation. Their reach is also deeper and lasts longer -- 6 months or more -- compared to the 4 - 5 weeks of a New Moon's power and the 2 weeks of a Full Moon's sway.


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  full moon  capricorn  cancer  


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