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* The Full Moon in Leo Opposing The Sun in Aquarius
Balancing Your Need for Attention
and Your Need for Total Independence

by Rebecca Brents


full moon

Welcome to the Full Moon in Leo

Despite the winter season, the Full Moon in Leo brings a warm, playful, charismatic energy that wants to be noticed ... one that will make an effort to satisfy this yen. Metaphorically, it's time to assess your personal talents and compare them to your long-term goals.

The inner, emotional part of you wants applause, attention, and plenty of cheering from the assembled throngs -- for the deeply generous, highly visible, flamboyant character you can be ... when you try.

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full moon

So where is this happening for you?

It is possible to have fun, be yourself, and not "lose it completely over the next few weeks. Keep reminding yourself of this ... if you find that simple fact slipping away.

If you have Natal Chart placements near the degrees of the opposition in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius ... the next few weeks may hold special challenges for you. If you have Natal Chart placements near that critical degree in Aries, Gemini, Libra, or Sagittarius, you have natural help available to channel this energy productively in the area of your chart where this additional placement resides.

Wherever this opposition falls in your Natal Chart you will look for fun, attention, and plenty of self-promotion moments in the affairs of life ruled by the house that holds the transiting Moon ... and be tempted to declare your independence, break all the rules that annoy you, and really let your rebellious eccentric out of the attic to enjoy a howling good time in the affairs of life ruled by the house that holds the transiting Sun. The kind of "attention" those impulses could generate ... could redefine the term for you!!


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