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The Full Moon in Sagittarius
Opposing the Sun Gemini
Individual Thoughts vs. Social Beliefs

by Rebecca Brents


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full moon

The Sagittarius Moon opposing the Gemini Sun

The opposition between the Gemini Sun and the Sagittarius Moon represents the basic division between "what I know and believe" and "what society says is moral and correct."

The energy of the Gemini Sun under stress can be exceedingly fond of "sound bite mottos" and superficial, easy answers ... and there is a real tendency to snap off a quick one-liner that sounded good for half a second, and then hear the sappy, silly, stupidity of its content only when your own words ring back in your ears.

We've all known those moments when we'd give anything to recall what we just said ... and wish to goodness we'd thought a moment longer before letting that knee-jerk response fall out of our mouth. That feeling really is the theme of this aspect in all its glory ... so be forewarned.


full moon

The Sagittarius Moon

The Sagittarius Moon, however, feels the lure of greater wisdom and more philosophical depth as it should apply to what we say we think and what we think we believe. It brings more information ... and a more eclectic, inclusive viewpoint to confront our pat answers, asking that we consider Life's bigger picture and maybe adjust our own rules for living to accommodate a more generous and humane way of looking at the world -- and our place in it.

This can be one of those moments when you really have to bring your ideas and conduct into line with your own ethical, religious, and philosophical structure ... when you have to walk your talk -- or change your mind, whichever is more appropriate.

Often these "opportunities" come about when we confront our own hypocrisy ... or see that of others unfolding in the world around us.

Depending on the circumstances, it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Hence, the touchiness that traditionally goes with the Full Moon and its tensions. But it's also a time of necessary growth ... and, let's face it, humans being what they are, it generally takes discomfort to make that happen. Ok. Here it comes again.


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The Full Moon in Astrology
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Basic Stuff About the Full Moon ---> At least one Full Moon in every sign ---> * There will be at least one Full Moon in every Zodiac sign -- but not necessarily one every month. Sometimes -- rarely, but sometimes -- February gets skipped. Also sometimes -- rarely, but sometimes -- there will be two Full Moons in a Zodiac sign -- one very near the beginning and the other very near the end.

Quick Notes on the Full Moon ---> It's complicated ---> Full Moons accompany a time of complex emotions and concerns. There's often a lot going on when a Full Moon arrives ... activities, interests and commitments on the outside, and ambivalence, confusion and a distinct level of concern and distress on the inside.

Appreciating the Full Moon ---> It happens every month ---> Like The New Moon, The Full Moon every month has an exact time when it arrives -- the moment The Moon precisely opposes The Sun in the sky. Visually, The Full Moon hangs around for several days ....


The Full Moon in Astrology
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* Shadows in the Moonlight -- The Full Moon and its Testy Temper ---> The Sun Opposing The Moon ---> Who you are now vs. who you used to be ---> The aspect of the Sun opposing the Moon is the classic celestial show the rest of the world calls The Full Moon. In Astrology, The Full Moon highlights tension between two conflicting desires, ambitions, requirements, or sets of values ...

* Fractiousness and Fracture Lines: The Full Moon -- The crisis is predictable. It happens every month. ---> One of life's great divides ---> All Full Moons involve some kind of conflict. Usually, as the Full Moon forms ... and for several nights following, you feel pulled in two directions at once, required to try and serve two masters ....

* Full Moon Conflicts -- Full Moon Tension through the Signs ---> Full Moon Conflicts ---> Aries Sun / Libra Moon = My ambitions, my drive for self-definition, my need to assert myself and my independence vs. my need to take other people into account, my desire for meaningful partnerships, my habitual efforts to compromise, keep the peace, and get along.


* Full Moon / New Moon? Or New Moon / Full Moon? -- Variations on the rhythms of life ---> Different rhythms ---> It's a subtle difference, I admit, but it's there nevertheless. Life's psychological rhythm has a different sequence, depending on whether the New Moon in a particular sign forms first, followed about two weeks later by the Full Moon ....

* Musings on the Full Moon -- Working with our closest celestial neighbor ---> It happens every month ---> The Full Moon is an unmistakable sight, one of the heaven's most awesome shows. There is at least one full moon every month. Every 2 - 3 years we get a second one in a calendar month. In all, we get 12 - 13 a year. The Full Moon is the visual climax of the Moon's monthly tango with the Sun -- the point at which the Moon and The Sun oppose one another in the sky.


The Moon in Astrology

* The Moon in General -- Your Inner Self of Feelings, Emotions and Intuition ---> Welcome to your inner world ---> In Astrology, The Moon represents our inner feelings, our emotions ... and our deep security needs. It reflects our basic habits, instincts and automatic reactions. It speaks to some elements of our Karma and childhood home, our upbringing, family background and specifically our relationship with our mother (or major mother figure from the past.)


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* The Sun in General -- Your Essential Self of Power, Will, Vitality and Ambition ---> The essence of you ---> In Astrology, The Sun represents your basic core identity. It gives information about the qualities of your ego, your individual self-expression, your self-image and your sense of personal identity.


The Full Moon
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From EDA: The Full Moon ---> Everyday Astrology ---> April 8, 2020 The Full Moon ---> Full Moons present choices. They highlight conflicts & prompt you to make decisions to bring two competing areas of life back into balance. There's really no right answer to handling such a request from a Full Moon with its different priorities & values. But it does encourage you to take conscious stock of your situation & decide whether it's appropriate to your needs ... whether it actually suits you.


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