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Gemini Moonlight 1

by Rebecca Brents




Every month The Moon travels through the entire circle of the Zodiac, spending time in all twelve signs. It makes this circle 13 times a year, and so spends about 2 1/2 days in each successive sign.

As The Moon changes from one sign to the next, the prevailing mood changes. So does the general perspective. Some signs work better with your Natal Moon and other planets than others -- and sometimes the quality of the day depends on what else is happening in the sky.


gemini twins
Gemini's symbol is "the twins" ... things that come in pairs.

When the day's Moon is in Gemini ...

When the Moon is in Gemini, the day's mood is light and capricious. People want interesting things to think about, work with and do. Mostly, they are looking for ways to amuse themselves -- and the chance to learn something new or talk to someone else fills the bill nicely. They aren't looking for anything deep or provocative.

They want puzzles they can solve quickly, information they can share fast, conversations that won't bog down ... so they can move right on to the next engaging moment. They are far more attracted to humor and gossip than to news that will prove a downer ... or make demands on them. The theme is "keep it light" ... and make a fast-get away, if anything breaks that rule.


yellow wildflowers
Yellow is a Gemini color.

Is your Natal Moon in Gemini?

People with a Natal Gemini Moon are able to understand the world, themselves and their experiences both emotionally and intellectually. They process information on both levels at once -- and constantly.

Analysis like this is second nature to them. Their mental wheels are always turning. There is always something new to learn, something new to understand, something new to share with other people who may be able to share nifty stuff in return.

People with a Natal Moon in Gemini are intellectual souls, notably intense, with a high-strung, jittery quality to their character. They are unusually observant, constantly processing the information they absorb from things going on around them.

For them, the world is a place full of experiences and ideas, things to study ... stuff to learn and think about. Their minds and emotions are always churning, trying to "take it all in" ... and make sense of what they've discovered.

They may not stay with one topic ... or in one place ... for long. But they'll circle around and hit a subject multiple times ... and take in quite a bit of information before they're done.

It's not a style that lends itself to concentrated study -- or even deep thought and insights, but it gets the job done -- if you consider "the job" it's to keep them entertained and let them appear at least moderately well-informed.


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