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Get Yourself an Astrological Calendar
If only to keep up with the void-of-course Moon!!

by Serenity Chappell


Days when nothing happens

I know you've lived through days that seemed pointless, boring, unfocused, "blah," unproductive, completely devoid of action and excitement ... and when you seemed to just get nothing worthwhile accomplished. We all have. Days like that can be too frustrating to describe.

There can be many reasons for such times, ... but when they happen (and that can be often) ... there's a good chance you're dealing with a phenomenon astrologers call the "void-of-course Moon."

When the Moon is void-of-course ... take my word for it ... nothing happens!! This can be much more aggravating than it sounds. The void-of-course Moon is a little hard to understand if you don't have at least a passing knowledge of astrology, but I'll try to keep things simple, and we'll hope for the best.


It comes around a lot

The void-of-course Moon happens every few days. Depending on what else is going on with the other planets, it can last for a few minutes ... or it can last all day and then some. Its "results" are the most consistent and dependable occurrences (or non-occurrences) I have ever seen.

Nothing happens. Nothing. Events and activities are circular, disjointed, unproductive and unfocused. You wander in circles and at the end of the day, you've accomplished nothing and haven't a clue where the time went.

Knowing that this is occurring, and when it is occurring, so you can plan your life more "productively" around these patently unproductive times, is one of the best reasons I know to buy an astrological calendar, keep it handy.

Know the little notations you are looking for among the otherwise baffling symbols and glyphs, and use this knowledge to ease the strain and aggravation of life as much as possible.


Don't push the river

If you don't keep trying (or expecting) to "push the river" when the river is going nowhere fast, maybe you won't give yourself indigestion, gray hair and wrinkles. Or at least not so many and not so soon.

An astrological calendar will advise you on how to interpret the symbols and short-hand to decipher when the Moon is void-of-course as it cycles through the heavens, day after day after day. Just make sure you know what time zone your calendar is written for ... and then make the appropriate adjustments for where you are in comparison.


Save yourself some grief

Having an astrological calendar means you can look up the information after it has been calculated for you by someone else (and a computer.) Otherwise, if you're "doing it the hard way," you'll have to know about things like angles, major aspects, and sign qualities.

You'll also have to be able to do the math, own an ephemeris and chart the Moon's position by hand. Believe me, I don't recommend this. But I emphatically do recommend knowing somehow when the Moon is void-of-course ... because of the aggravation that goes with it, which you can avoid with this little piece of knowledge.

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Get Yourself an Astrological Calendar
If only to keep up with the void-of-course Moon!! ---> I know you've lived through days that seemed pointless, boring, unfocused, "blah," unproductive, completely devoid of action and excitement ... and when you seemed to just get nothing worthwhile accomplished. We all have. Days like that can be too frustrating to describe. ... continue


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