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Getting a Fix on Your Moon Sign Energy

by Rebecca Brents


full moon

Your Moon sign
Is it important?

What does a person's Moon Sign tell you, and why is it important? For starters, knowing the Sun Sign / Moon Sign combinations in the people around you can do great things for your relationships ... and who couldn't use help with that?

What if a shortcut could help you recognize "emotional neediness" in your loved ones ... and give some ideas on a fast, dependable way to supply what that person lacked and wanted ... so everyone could rest easier faster ... literally feel safer and more valued in the bosom of the family (where such things are supposed to available. Right?)

Sure, there are people -- parents, mates, partners, colleagues, and friends -- so emotionally starved and desperate themselves they don't give a hoot about other people. They may not be bad folks, but you can't give away what you don't have for yourself already. No one can.

And schools are more interested in teaching algebra and sentence diagramming (now there's a useful skill!!) than they are in teaching people how to take care of themselves, others, and be more effective human beings. There's something wrong with that system, but there may not be much hope for changing it ... for now.


full moon

One step at a time

So ... let's consider a more useful change. Educating one person at a time ... who could then apply "viral marketing techniques" to the create more happiness.

Maybe one soul learning to be a better person can change the lives and futures of ten people, each of whom can then change ten more, and on and on. Pretty soon, there's a revolution underway.

It's sure one worth having ... as opposed to that God-awful mess we've going on in the Middle East now. So ... I'll keep talking about Moon signs, and the wisdom of what it can tell you ... and how you can use it to make your life better -- and how then you can work on those ten people around you ... who in turn can spread the joy in an ever-widening circle.

Your Moon sign information speaks directly to your emotional needs and responses. Knowing that is far more valuable a piece of wisdom to have in your pocket than knowing how to diagram a participle phrase.


full moon

A window to the inner world

Knowing what there is to know about all the Moon signs is even better. Then you have a window into the emotional climate -- and inner needs -- of virtually anyone you meet.

(Yes, you do have to know birthdays. You do have to look up the information. You may have to "guess" at which sign is on display from what you see with your own eyes if the person was born on a day when the Moon changed signs ... and there are plenty of those, unfortunately. But it's a small price in the long run. I speak with the voice of experience.)

For most of your important people ... partners, children, parents, friends ... you'll already know their birth information. Most other people will tell you if you ask. Especially if they know you're "a nut on the subject."

People are intrigued by information about themselves. Even skeptics about Astrology may indulge your lunacy ... just for the chance to feel smug and superior. For skeptics ... that's a favorite sport. You can each have your little moment of fun. Who cares if you're playing one game ... and the other guy is into something else? Everybody wins. Life goes on.


full moon

Coping with stress

Also, it helps to know who among your loved ones and associates has "stressed Moon energy" in his Natal Chart ... and what that means to him emotionally ... and how you can work with it more easily. You might also learn what stresses are happening temporarily to what signs ... and why ... as another coping skill to make relationships better.

If you really don't want to learn enough Astrology to ferret this out on your own, a consultation once in a while with a good Astrologer can tell you want you need to know about your life's important people.

There are probably just a few people you're this interested in anyway. But it's an investment you can use in more practical situations than you may realize ... right now. When people talk about using Astrology on real life issues and in practical, useful ways ... this is what they mean.

* Your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign


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