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* In the Dark of the Moon
Where it all begins

by Celeste L. Walker


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Yeah, I know it's not the Dark of the Moon
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The Dark of the Moon is the segment of time that covers the three days surrounding the monthly appearance of the New Moon. At the Dark of the Moon, the Moon has moved into a position so close to the Sun it's no longer able to reflect sunlight -- and the Moon appears to be totally gone from the sky.

Being so closely aligned with the Sun, the Moon is totally lost in the glare as these two primary celestial bodies travel across the sky together. There's no way to see it, of course ... and no way to photograph it from Earth. Of course, the other side of the Moon is totally "full" at this point -- reflecting sunlight from the side we never can see ... otherwise, logically, known as the Dark Side of the Moon.

Until photographs from space became possible, the far side of the moon ... the "other side," the dark side ... remained one of astronomy's intriguing mysteries. But the Dark of the Moon and the dark side of the moon are two different things. Ancient humans, of course, were very familiar with this part of the moon's cycle -- almost certainly more than we are today.

They ascribed it symbolism and meaning that is passed down today in folklore, legend and the rituals and reverence that surround the Moon in the Earth-based religions, like Wicca.


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Ok, this is coming up on the real thing.

The Moon and its mystical symbolism

The Moon is considered feminine, cool, reflective, yin -- the counterpart to the bright, hot, masculine, yang presence of the Sun, and there was a time when it was considered more influential, when it was more revered and celebrated as having more status, value and importance.

Of course now, modern thought, "rational thinkers," and science itself dismiss most of this as mere superstition, but is it? Maybe the Ancient Ones had intuitively happened on wisdom that is mostly lost to contemporary perspectives, and maybe something rare and precious is likewise missing.

Over time, there was a movement away from lunar emphasis and its feminine themes as a center of spiritual practice. As masculine virtues gained popular appeal, the image of the Moon Goddess lost ground to the dominance of the Sun God and in a move that reflects the deliberate subjugation of women culturally and politically, the mysteries of the feminine moon ... goddess of the night ... were disparaged, repressed and devalued.

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The Dark of the Moon

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* Wishin' and Dreamin' in the Dark of the Moon -- When the dark nights invite us to turn inward ---> Three nights of darkness ---> To Astrologers, Wiccans and others, the Dark of the Moon is the term describing the period of about three days just before and after the New Moon every month. It's the time when the final crescent of light fades on the left ... and before the thin crescent of the New Moon appears again on the right. It's what happens when The Moon is positioned so that from Earth we can see no reflected sunlight from it.


The Dark of the Moon
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From EDA: The Dark of the Moon ---> Everyday Astrology April 21, 2020 The Dark of the Moon ---> The Dark of the Moon is the 2 1/2 day period that comes every month before the arrival of the New Moon ... for that Zodiac sign. Some Astrologers call it the "dead" Moon. Ok, that may be descriptive, but it sure sounds ominous -- and hardly poetic. Whereas the Dark of the Moon sounds ... well, mysterious and intriguing.


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