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When the Moon Changes Signs from Gemini to Cancer

by Rebecca Brents


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When the Moon is in Gemini

On days when the Moon changes signs from Gemini to Cancer, it spends at least part of the time void-of-course in Gemini. This down-time could last anywhere from a few minutes to more than a day. You'll need to consult an astrological calendar to keep up with the daily lunar currents.

With the Moon in Gemini, the day's mood is changeable and curious. You may be called on to multi-task a lot ... and find your attention pulled in several directions at once.

You're interested in diversity, open to exploring new things and prone to move around -- physically and mentally. It's a day to skim the surface, act quickly -- and realize that concentration may be ... well, challenged.


The Moon void-of-course in Gemini

While the Moon is void-of-course, catch up on your reading, filing, routine chores, everyday emails and casual conversations. Something that offers light entertainment, interesting trivia or even incidental education works nicely here.

The Moon void-of-course in Gemini can leave your mind antsy and at loose ends, or free to wander and play with what-ifs and new ideas. The time can be fun and productive -- as long as you realize it's just an experiment, or it can be down-time to play and amuse yourself.

If you start something new, you'll either scrap it later ... or come at it from a different angle with different emphasis once the Moon connects in Cancer. Your work could find a new home in a new form, or just be wasted effort. Realize this from the start and save yourself some grief.

The trick is to stay engaged with things that don't matter much while you wait for the Moon to cross the border and Life to find its footing. Stay light on your feet -- and be prepared for ambivalence ... a lot of people changing their minds -- and maybe changing yours -- as new information arrives with different options, different facts to consider. Nothing now is reliable.

When the Moon is in Cancer

Once in Cancer, the Moon is lots more comfortable -- things settle down and it's easier to focus. A calm attitude of domesticity moves in. Your mind's sharp edge reconnects ... now with intuition as a feature. Your emotions are sharper -- or more on edge, depending on how well you work with them and with what's going on around you.

Gemini works through logic and intellect; Cancer through feelings and hunches. You'll definitely notice the difference. Mostly, you want to withdraw into the peace and quiet of your inner self -- and your physical home -- and just be there undisturbed. Sometimes, Life allows this. Other times not so much.

What you get done after the sign change will please you more than anything that goes on earlier. Even if it's nothing more elaborate than putting together a decent supper, turning on Netflix ... and zoning out a while.



Anything started while the Moon is void-of-course never comes to a satisfying conclusion ... or delivers the desired results. Things just wander aimlessly in circles ... and go nowhere. An astrological calendar will help you keep up with void-of-course Moon times and other lunar aspects. (I recommend Jim Maynard's Pocket Astrologer ... available from Quicksilver Productions ... or, of course from Amazon.com or your favorite local metaphysical bookstore. Look for them around the first of the year. They tend to go fast.)


  astrology  moon  gemini  cancer  


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Last updated January 11th, 2017

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