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Moon in Gemini

by Rebecca Brents




The Moon travels completely around the Zodiac ... through all twelve signs every month -- a trip that lasts about 28.3 days each time. And it makes this circle 13 times a year. It stays in each sign about 2 1/2 days. Everyone gets to enjoy a monthly Lunar homecoming as the Moon returns for a few days to the sign it occupied when they were born ... their Natal Moon sign. Astrologers call this a Lunar Return.


Gemini's symbol is "the twins" ... things that come in pairs.

When the day's Moon is in Gemini ...

With the day's Moon in Gemini, the mood is detached and questioning. You may feel restless and easily bored. Staying in one place too long physically or mentally makes you irritable and antsy.

So what does this capricious combination of Lunar energy and Gemini diversity mean if you find it in a Natal chart ... if you were born with a Natal Moon in Gemini?


Yellow is a color associated with Gemini.

Is your Natal Moon in Gemini?

If you have a Natal Moon in Gemini, your feelings and thoughts mingle often. You are full of curiosity and are good at analytical reasoning. When you tell someone how you "feel" about something, you are more likely telling him what you think. Heart and mind are interchangeable for you, instead of the different channels they are for most people.

This means your emotions are flexible, easily shaped to match your mental state. You can change your moods ... by changing your mind. You can (and probably do) examine feelings the way others do thoughts. You want your emotions to make sense to you -- and you are puzzled by those who lose themselves in emotional turmoil.

On the other hand, you feel passionately about your ideas, opinions, beliefs and knowledge. You love to argue and feel you're defending something valuable when you do. This is how most people feel about their emotions -- which is why you're as peculiar to the "sensitive souls" in your world as they are to you.


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