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Moon Lore

by Celeste L. Walker


luminous moon

Once upon a time ...

In ancient times, Moon phases, Moon cycles, were the readily visible, incontrovertible calendar people depended on to mark the passage of time. The appearance of the Full Moon or New Moon in the company of certain well-known and predictable constellations signaled the arrival of specific important moments in the year.

The interval between one New Moon and the next marked one length of time ... roughly equivalent to our modern idea of "a month." The New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon, and Last Quarter Moon broke that interval into four roughly equal sections. (Kind of like "a week.") There were thirteen Moon Cycles in a year.

Some cultures, including the Islamic societies, still operate on a Lunar calendar as opposed to a Solar Calendar. It remains a viable and useful way to tell time. If you know the signs, one look at the night sky ... and the position of the Moon, and you know exactly where you are in both the progression of the current Lunar Month ... and the progression of the seasons.


full moon over metro

Monday, Monday ...

The day we now know as "Monday" ... was once-upon-a-time designated as "Moon Day." It may have been a time to tend to family chores, see to domestic concerns, observe rituals connected to hearth and home, work with issues of food and shelter -- physical and emotional nourishment, and otherwise make certain everything important to one's loved ones and living arrangements was supplied and secure.

For a lot of people now, Monday has lost that association to safety and support. Instead, Monday is the start of another work week ... and the emotions it raises are more apt to resemble weariness and dread than the anticipation of closeness and a chance to reinforce family connections. But in Astrology, the Moon's ancient connection with family, feelings, and "roots," remains.

Although rituals involving the Moon and its phases are still part of many people's spiritual practice, the Moon has generally lost its place as an object of worship per se, as science and better information have replaced primitive observation and superstition as the main source of our beliefs about the Moon and its place in life.


cloudy moon

Moonlore, folklore

Still some interesting commonalities in beliefs about the Moon remain and enjoy multi-cultural support, many having to do with matters of fertility cycles and childbirth practices. Full Moon energy continues to hold a reputation for power and special spiritual influence. Even in modern societies, planting and harvesting is often regulated by the Moon in its cycles.

For instance, seeds sprout better just after the New Moon (particularly the New Moon in Taurus.) Seeds planted in the Dark of the Moon often don't sprout at all ... and those that do produce substandard plants and a meager harvest. Root vegetables, however, -- such as potatoes, turnips, and carrots -- do better when planted at the Dark of the Moon.

Fishermen also buy Lunar calendars to help them judge when the fishing is best. Even amateur fishermen often pay attention to folk wisdom about the Moon's ability to influence their luck ... and use the lore passed down from long-ago generations to gain an advantage.

Herbalists have favorite times ... and Zodiac signs ... for harvesting their materials. Healing herbs are said to especially benefit from such extra attention and care. Folklore counsels that surgery is more likely to cause problems from excessive bleeding if performed within one week of a Full Moon.


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