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Moon in Taurus

by Rebecca Brents



The Moon travels completely around the Zodiac ... through all twelve signs every month -- a trip that lasts about 28.3 days each time. And it makes this circle 13 times a year. It stays in each sign about 2 1/2 days.

Everyone gets to enjoy a monthly Lunar homecoming as the Moon returns for a few days to the sign it occupied when they were born ... their Natal Moon sign. Astrologers call this a Lunar Return.


Taurus' symbol is the bull.

When the day's Moon is in Taurus ...

When the day's Moon is in Taurus, the mood is practical, hedonistic and level-headed. You are interested in comfort and easy livin'. You want to keep life on an even keel -- and are in no mood for surprises.


Pink is a color associated with Taurus.

Is your Natal Moon in Taurus?

If you have a Natal Moon in Taurus, you know instinctively how to take care of business, accomplish your goals and get your needs met -- especially your financial and emotional needs.

Like all owners of Earth sign Moons (the other two Earth signs are Virgo and Capricorn), you were literally born knowing how this physical world operates -- and how to work with it to your advantage. For you the bottom line is having enough wherewithal to take care of yourself -- and if $$$ is what it takes, $$$ is what you'll have!


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