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The Moondance Series
Tiny essays on the meaning of The Moon in the different Astrology signs.
The Natal Moon, the Transiting Moon, the Solar Return Moon, Moon Aspects,
bit by bit they'll find a home here - quick to read, easy to digest, easy to remember.
Soul Snacks for Star Spirits at every level.


full moon

Expect the unexpected

The Moon in Aquarius is a contradictory creature, eccentric and unpredictable ... but then that's Aquarius energy for you -- in a nutshell. It's the radical rebel of the Zodiac, and any planet it touches wears those colors. ---> The Moon in General -- Your Inner Self of Feelings, Emotions and Intuition

The Moon as a home for Aquarius energy is just one of the most personal, most intimate spots. On the one hand, it's also one of the most inconvenient. On the other hand, maybe it places the owner together with people who will love him for himself alone "because he's family," because they have to, because no outsider will even try. Sometimes life gets that basic. ---> Celebrating Aquarius -- The 5 most distinctive / admirable traits of the sign

As a planet, The Moon is looking for family, a sense of home, security, support and comfort. As a sign, though, Aquarius is looking for friendships, cerebral connections to like-minded thinkers with whom he can be intimate in flashes of revelation and genius. ---> Are You an Aquarius? Is Your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Aquarius?

But he also wants to keep his independence intact so he can be gone again on a whim ... just because he thought of somewhere else to be and something else to do. ---> Moon in Aquarius

Put those two concepts together and you get a rough picture of The Moon in Aquarius ... a guy who wants a "home base" where he can be unapologetically himself, a guy who can be there when he wants and disappear in a flash -- and no one will complain or criticize or come chasing after. This is what the Aquarius Moon offers his friends and family ... and it's nobody's idea of stability. ---> Aquarius Moonlight 1


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Moon Lore ---> In ancient times, Moon phases, Moon cycles, were the readily visible, incontrovertible calendar people depended on to mark the passage of time. The appearance of the Full or New Moon in the company of certain well-known and predictable constellations signaled the arrival of specific important moments in the year.

Moon Magic ---> The Moon has a mystique all its own. It is often associated with secrecy and mystery ... and is associated with strange, uncanny powers. It evokes a peculiar range of responses in cultures everywhere, from curiosity and wonder, to romance and affection, to awe and dread. In legend (and the lore of police and hospital personnel), the Full Moon brings forth weird behaviors, extreme reactions, and over-the-top emotional outbursts associated with no other time on the calendar.

The Air Signs -- Gemini, Libra, Aquarius ---> Air Signs handle information -- The Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius represent energy that is directly concerned with ideas, information, intellect, opinions, facts, perspectives and communications skills. They relate to others intellectually, share thoughts and experiences, listen to feedback, and combine information into new ideas and possibilities.

Air Element -- The Air Signs ---> Getting the word out ... -- The Air Signs of the Zodiac are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. There is one Air Sign for each of the Qualities -- Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Gemini is Mutable Air. Libra is Cardinal Air, and Aquarius is Fixed Air. Air Signs are concerned with issues of communication, information handling, data gathering and management, invention and innovation, and the practical applications of knowledge.

Masculine Signs -- The Fire and Air Signs ---> Signs of Life and Intellect -- Essentially, "masculine" signs prefer to seize the moment, make things happen and change what doesn't suit them with their actions and choices. Masculine sign people are life's movers-and-shakers. Masculine signs are active, spontaneous, overtly ambitious and more interested in imposing their will on the world than adjusting to what exists. Masculine signs deal with force, identity and intellect.

Aquarius Is Fixed Air -- Solid Intellect ---> Air Signs -- There are three Air Signs in the Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius These three signs tend to get along well with each other because of their common values -- This is the quality associated with intellect, reasoning, communication, the handling of information, education, and relationships.

Who Are the Fixed Signs? ---> Who are the Fixed Signs? -- Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are the Fixed signs. Fixed signs ... as the name implies ... dig in and endure as their way of meeting challenge. They rely on their resourcefulness, their stamina, their stubbornness, their ability to withstand siege and simply outlast the opposition. The willfulness for which they are famous is much different in quality than that of the more obviously charismatic and self-involved Cardinal signs.


  astrology  moon  aquarius  


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