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The Symbolism of the Moon

by Rebecca Brents



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The Symbolism of the Moon

The Moon, which astronomers know influences the mighty tides of the Earth's oceans and which provides a ever-changing display of celestial beauty in its eternal journey across the sky, is also an extremely important symbol to astrologers.

It symbolizes your instincts, habits, inner feelings, intuitions, hunches, and reactions ... your inner emotional tides, if you will, the light and dark moods that create their own ever-changing texture of feelings and responses in your life.

There is a great deal more to this, however, than just the assignment of qualities to an abstract metaphor. If you are the least bit self-aware, you'll notice that you'll greet some days feeling renewed, refreshed, energized, and excited about whatever life holds over the next twenty-four hours -- ready to take on the world.

Other days, for no apparent reason, you'll feel sluggish, depressed, gloomy, withdrawn, tired, and maybe even physically achy in a way more sleep isn't going to fix. (And no, I'm not talking about those times when too much hearty partying or genuine grief from the night before explains a whole lot about why you feel so lousy.)


full moon

Moods & Moon phases

No kidding ... whether you're feeling terrific or terrible may have a lot to do with the phase of the Moon. For sure, your ability to flow with life's tides instead of struggling against the current can be regulated and improved by knowing what the Moon is doing, physically and figuratively, and what its position describes in the energy cycles that form the fabric of life around us.

If you don't believe me, try keeping track of the Moon's phases for a while. Get to know a little bit about its astrological sign position and what this means to life in general. Show a little self-discipline in matching your tasks and personal focus to the stream of life's energy ... and see what living intuitively and in harmony with life's natural energy stream can do.

I'm confident it will make enough difference in your life to prove my point. And once you see what living "in flow" can do for your mood and your results, you won't go back to your old flailing habits for anything.

In fact, you'll find it's harder and much more uncomfortable to try to change back than it was to align yourself with the natural rhythms in the first place ... for obvious reasons. Your moods are inner sign posts meant to help you direct the traffic of your life to best advantage. You ignore them at your peril.


full moon

The Moon and Your Inner World

Just as with pain - another inner sign post -- if you ignore the signal, or worse, cover it up routinely with "medication" (drugs, alcohol, work, or just ignoring it in hopes it will go away) rather than finding and healing the cause of the distress, the problem doesn't just leave. It festers; it gets worse; it builds up more power ... and eventually it will find a way around the "medication" that will definitely get your attention again - only now it will be in a much meaner temper.

You can play this game of "keep away from the information" until it kills you, if you like. That happens thousands of times a day. It's a sad way to live (and die), because there really is a far easier ... better ... healthier way to be. But it does mean living with awareness.

You'd be surprised at the lengths some people will go to avoid that. (And then again, maybe you've seen enough of human nature that nothing about it surprises you any more. Sometimes I think I have.)


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