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The Mystery and Meaning of the Dark of the Moon
Short Essays on The Dark of the Moon
Selection 2

by Rebecca Brents


A moonless night -- and looking for mischief

A time of quiet

Intuition is stronger during the Dark Moon days. So is the need to rest and heal. Painful memories and unfinished business from the past -- perhaps the long ago past -- are more apt to come up ... and ask for attention.

It's a time to meditate and listen -- to the whispers of your inner voices and the complex longings of your soul. Both have trouble getting past the raucous clamor of everyday life -- and in the silence of the Dark Moon they at least have a chance to break through.


Fatigue is common. So is the need for more alone time -- and getting lost in your imagination ... or "zoning out" for a while ... is a way to accomplish that, even when surrounded by a crowd you just can't escape.

During the Dark of the Moon you need space -- and plenty of it. And you'll arrange it somehow. The more deliberately you can do this -- and provide the right setting, the better you'll fare overall. Better that than to wind up sick and needing bed rest ... because if your Higher Self thinks it's important enough ... it can make that happen, too. Never doubt it.


Life is about change. When things change, you change -- and vice versa. Every change brings a kind of ending. In its own unique way, it's a kind of death. You are different -- and you have to learn who you are ... all over again. It's a process. Processes take time ... time to digest it all, time to adjust, time to rediscover yourself, time to find the courage to breathe deep, step up ... and start again.

In a minor way, each month the Dark of the Moon brings its own kind of change ... and ending ... and death. It's a time of quiet. It's a time of reflection. It brings assessment ... and adjustment. Maybe sadness, maybe confusion. Things can never just stay the same. Accepting that is a kind of surrender. Sometimes you live in the light. Other times, you live in the dark.


The Dark of the Moon can be a kind of magic, in which you see the cycle of life & change / birth & death in the Moon's fading light & endless rhythm. Mystics tell us Death is just a phase, a transition to a new Life. It's just as necessary & sacred -- & possibly also as joyful -- as birth. It just looks different from our very limited perspective.

If we could see the whole picture, or if we have faith in the goodness of Spirit, we see this transition as resurrection -- living again, in a new way, a new form, a better & more complete awareness. This is always Scorpio's promise -- the Great Archetype of Birth, Death and Rebirth. When you live with awareness, you see it all around you, everywhere.

The Dark of the Moon is just regular -- and predictable. You can watch it happen. You can use its power. Every month, very deliberately, you can immerse yourself in the magic. Release what is ready to pass. Rest a moment. Set new intentions. And with the New Moon's arrival -- be born again.


There's a rhythm to the Dark of the Moon ... a feeling like no other time of the month. Likewise, there's a rhythm to the seasons. Spring surges and bursts and bristles with new life. It fulfills the promise of renewal -- as bright and powerful as the rainbow's arrival following showers.

Summer sees fertility blossom into something lush, full & opulent. Inviting, ready & ripening. Autumn is maturity. Colorful. Change of a different kind. Deeper changes with a touch of wisdom, understanding. Sadness. Melancholy. Summer has becoming a fading memory. Spring recedes further from reach.

Winter arrives. Days shorten. Light dwindles. Cold sets in. Grass withers. Animals hibernate. Trees strip down to bare essentials. Sap slows down to virtually nothing. Life turns inward. So does awareness, as the pulse of life moves us beat by beat to the moment when Spring arrives again.

The Dark of the Moon is like this. A moment of deep Winter, every month.

The Mystery and Meaning of The Dark of the Moon 1


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