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* The New Moon in Aries
Aries Energy in the Creative Process
Part 1

by Rebecca Brents


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We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

Four Quartets

new moon

The place of new beginnings

With the arrival of Aries we have indeed arrived again at the place of our beginnings, having traveled another cycle on the spiral of the creative process ... from the initial thrust of new efforts and undertakings in dynamic, assertive Aries last year to the spiritual enlightenment, dissolution, acceptance, and release of Pisces last month. We are wiser at least for the experience of the journey.

In the natural sequence of events, as opposed to the one described by the traditional calendar, the real starting point begins here ... with the New Moon in Aries, by definition the first New Moon in the Spring. Whatever your sign and wherever Aries is placed in your Natal Chart, this moment of renewed alignment between your sense of personal direction and your sense of emotional commitment marks the place where action begins for you.


squirrel on branch

A time of rising ambition

The New Moon in Aries describes a time of rising ambitions, pioneering interests, personal assertion, competitive spirit, and self-promoting enthusiasm. Aries energy is adventurous, aggressive, direct, courageous, independent, initiating, vital, enterprising and passionate. It is built for moving forward and taking action now! Let's say it's a little bit pushy. People who embody joyous, exuberant Aries energy are also all these things. And, let's admit it, they, too, are "a little bit pushy."

However, it's been said that no progress happens until people are willing to kill each other if something isn't done. To civilized ears, that may sound a little extreme. But maybe it takes the pure Warrior energy of Aries to prod the world's inertia off Square One and start the process of life itself moving forward. No doubt about it, Aries can meet the challenge.

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Questions for the Aries New Moon ---> Here are some questions to consider as you prepare for and work with the New Moon in Aries ... If your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in ... Spring -- Aries ---> Redefine yourself. Who are you ... now? How can you present this honestly to the world? How can you be more authentic and self-assertive ... and what would this do for you?


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