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The New Moon in Virgo
Virgo Energy in the Creative Process

by Rebecca Brents


The party's over.

As the New Moon arrives in Virgo, we end the dramatic, self-promoting emphasis of Leo for another year. We've spent time seeking the limelight ... establishing a center to feed our ego, reviewing the talents and gifts we can build on. The next order of business is to find work, establish an occupation and generally make ourselves useful.

Having made something, we need it to be worth something ... and put it to work doing someone some good. A dyed in the wool Virgo would say that having taken up space, we owe a return on the investment others made in us. Having been supported this far, we have to give something back. These folks really do believe in the inherent virtue of work.


three stones on sand

Getting back to basics

Having created art, we now should offer others its benefits. Having played, we need to get back to a daily routine. And, finally, having had children (and enjoyed what made them happen) we must put shoulder to the wheel with determination in order to support them!!!

That's what Virgo energy is all about.


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Work as a Virtue

In Astrology, each new sign is a reaction to the excesses and trademark qualities of its predecessor. So, after the flamboyance and flair of Leo, with its focus on pride and presentation, comes the modesty, humility and self-effacement of Virgo. After all that showmanship seeking applause and attention, this quiet moderation may be welcome.

Virgo believes in work as a virtue, as a requirement, for a worthwhile, fulfilling life. And Virgo people seem born with a drive to justify themselves through the work they do, as if an innate inferiority complex shades their choices and actions throughout life.


wood and stoe fence and gate

Practical service that counts

Virgos offer service so their lives will count for something. They believe they owe this to their community, to society. They take on the routine, mundane, everyday chores and ordinary responsibilities that keep life running smoothly, asking nothing but a little quiet appreciation in return, a kind word of thanks, or just the simple knowledge that they made someone else's path a bit easier.

Virgo energy is remarkably selfless, quietly but insistently doing whatever needs to be done. Virgo energy gathers up all the self-sacrificing instincts of Pisces, its polar opposite, and puts it to physical, practical employment.. Without them to grease the wheels, the cogs of life wouldn't mesh nearly so well.


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Being the best at what they do

Obviously focusing on "work," as in "the job you do for money," is one thing, and Virgos do excel in this. They can be workaholics without equal in their drive to turn in a "job well done." But they also famously take on "work" wherever they find it, spending energy primarily to benefit someone else. This means they take on chores, favors, errands, assignments, duties, tasks, commitments and responsibilities that keep them busy ... all the time.

Virgos are fabulous people to know and have around when you face a bunch of unglamorous, distasteful little "jobs." From doing your taxes, to ironing your shirts, to helping you clean out that god-awful garage, the Virgos will be there, ready, willing, and able to help. They may insist on doing it all. You get an awful lot of stuff done when Virgo is on hand, with a tidiness that can't be beat.



Getting it all lined up and organized

Virgo energy is meticulous, efficient, discerning and focused. It does things carefully; it pays attention to details; it ties up all those messy loose ends other signs let dangle. Virgo is analytical, logical, organized, discriminating and critical.

It catalogs, organizes, concentrates and can always find "more to do." It is neat, and fastidious, and loves turning chaos into order. It is also patient, unemotional and shy, convinced that no matter how stellar its performance, enough is never enough.


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Aiming for perfection

Virgo's goal is perfection. Always. And its notoriously sharp eye can spot the unfortunate flaw so tiny, so minor, so petty that less judgmental signs need it pointed out to see the problem at all.

Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign, concerned with physical reality, the material result, the practical function. As such it is directly concerned with health maintenance and care of the physical body through exercise, diet, nutrition, and stress management. They are matters Virgo itself should take to heart. Their lives are crammed with stress and overload. It makes Virgos notoriously high-strung, impatient, nit-picking, and ... believe it or not, "messy."


fallen rock

Not always getting there

Virgo, so unrelentingly focused on perfect performance, when finally overwhelmed by tasks or demands, gives up completely, sinks into total apathy, won't even try to make a decent showing. While disorder and clutter pile up all around, it waits passively to be swallowed by the rising tide.

If ever you need to know how much work Virgo does when it's fit and functioning, just look at what happens when it gets paralyzed. Suddenly all its invisible effort (or lack thereof) is right out in the open where people trip over it, evidence of its value and contribution. Virgo specializes in work that doesn't get noticed until it doesn't get done. And when it doesn't get done, chaos becomes the state of the world.


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Pisces ... Virgo's other half

As mentioned, the polarity sign for Virgo is Pisces ... Mutable Water. The two signs occupy different ends of the spiritual / physical spectrum. Pisces traffics in the world of psyche and spirit, Virgo in the nitty-gritty minutiae of the physical body and material reality.

Pisces concocts life's creative vision; Virgo does the grinding work it takes to make it real and support it. Pisces dreams; Virgo does. Pisces may be the artist, ethereal, fragile, and ever-so-refined. Virgo is the all-important support network that makes the magic happen.


Trying to bring order to a disorderly world

Without its diligence, critical standards, and willingness to go the extra mile and then some, the rest of us would soon drown in a world of mediocrity. Some say that's happening already. If you're one of them, consider how bad things would be without Virgo's tireless efforts to manage the backlog. If you're one of them and a Virgo besides, I've said all I wanted to here. In other words ... you can go back to work. I know you're relieved to hear that, at long last.

With the arrival of the New Moon in Virgo, the theme of life's creative cycle -- and the focus of people in general -- becomes more logical, analytical, discerning, critical, and oriented toward achieving useful, practical results. There is extra emphasis on being efficient, exacting, scrupulous and even judgmental.


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The general focus with the New Moon in Virgo

People are concerned with both the "work" they have to do -- whether as part of their paid job, or simply the business of life -- and with the amount of work involved in something they want to accomplish. They want to understand all the details, to know precisely what they are committing themselves to, to see "what good it will do" overall, and to fit it comfortably into their established, organized routine.

There is emphasis on the mundane, normal, unglamorous, unpleasant, and boring stuff of daily life. People may find (or feel) overwhelmed with work, chores, trivialities, details, favors, responsibilities, tasks and obligations. They may also notice their stress and fatigue, and start taking better care of themselves physically. They have a lot to do, and they can tell it's taking a toll.

Under stress now, people are hard to please, closed-minded, opinionated, intolerant, and unwilling to consider other perspectives and concerns. They will also be cranky, fault-finding, tunnel-visioned and exhausted.


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