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A Day with No Lunar Aspects
Not quite one thing ... not quite another

by Rebecca Brents


First things first

To understand this article, you may need a little bit of background. First of all ... do you know about the Void-of-Course Moon? If so, great. Skip down and read on. If not, take a minute or two (honest, that's all you'll need) to read about it. However, you'll do yourself a favor if you really learn about the v/c Moon ... benefits way beyond the limits of this article. Start here:


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This is the short one you can read quickly. -- The Void-of-Course Moon ---> When the Moon is void-of-course in any sign, it marks a pause in Life's rhythm. Moon-void-of-course periods are a time to coast, get some extra rest, take life easy and be gentle with yourself. ... continue

The Straight Truth About the Void-of-Course Moon ---> As long as the Moon can form new major aspects with other planets in the sky from the sign it occupies, life flows. But when the Moon has formed its last major angle with the current planets in the sky and moved on -- meaning it now occupies a numerically higher degree position in the sign it occupies than any other planet in the sky, the Moon is considered void-of-course until it enters the next astrological sign. ... continue

Why the Void-of-Course Moon is a Problem -- When you don't know what you don't know ---> The energy spent while the Moon is void-of-course is wasted, meaningless, unproductive, off-kilter, out of synch, misdirected, and somehow wrong. (Sometimes the best result is "nothing happens." Sometimes you wind up in a terrible mess and have to start over ... because nothing happens. Sometimes that result is a virtual nightmare!!) ... continue

Let's Talk About This Thing Called the Void-of-Course Moon -- When You Wind Up Chasing Your Own Tail ---> With just a little practice, you can learn what this energy feels like, even without an Astrological Calendar to confirm your suspicions. But it certainly helps to have one, so you can check to see when the coast will be clear again ... and when the next "down-time" is scheduled in the cosmic cycle. ... continue

How to Use the Void-of-Course Moon ---> Sooo, what can you do while the Moon is void-of-course ... besides stay under the covers and wait for deliverance??? Well, it's a good time to tend to routine chores, like cleaning, filing, sorting, organizing, minor maintenance work -- things that if they get done, great!! But if they don't get done until "later" ... it doesn't really matter. ... continue

Get Yourself an Astrological Calendar -- If only to keep up with the void-of-course Moon!! ---> I know you've lived through days that seemed pointless, boring, unfocused, "blah," unproductive, completely devoid of action and excitement ... and when you seemed to just get nothing worthwhile accomplished. We all have. Days like that can be too frustrating to describe. ... continue


A Day with No Lunar Aspects

There are days -- or long periods in a day -- when the Moon is not technically void-of-course, but it sure as heck feels like it!! Your motivation is shot. Your energy levels register near empty. You have a hard time concentrating. Your mind and focus just seem to drift every which way -- except where you'd really like them to stay. Your mood is kind of blah. Not really depressed -- but headed that way. Not real cheery either ... and it could take some work to push it there.

You check your astrological calendar ... but, no, the moon's not void. However ....

If you look closely, you may see something else going on. There's a huge stretch of time between lunar aspects ... and you're smack in the middle of it. When the distribution of the other celestial citizens is lop-sided, with lots of them bunched up in a certain range of degrees -- these dead-air times of fuzzy drifting can happen. Sometime whole days arrive on the calendar with no lunar aspects at all.

The moon may not actually be void, but still ... there's no action. Nothing going on. Nothing for the lunar energies to work with or push again. No matter what the calendar says, it feeling like a void-of-course moon day ... and for the most part, it might as well be. You can't find a good starting point on any project you try. You might feel like taking a nap, but you still can't get to sleep. Your thoughts wander in circles, leafing through memories, anxieties, worries, just generally fretting.

You're apt to give yourself a hard time as your inner critic swings into action reminding you of all the stuff on your To-Do list ... stuff that isn't going magically do itself, so you need to get in gear. The harsh, unsympathetic self-talk makes you feel bad, but it doesn't get you going. You feel caught in a dream where you're trying to move ... but everything's in slow motion. Your muscles don't respond. It's like trying to run in deep water. But this is real life ... waking reality ... and that makes it all the more crazy.

Today, as I write this article ... is such a day. The day began with the Moon void-of-course in Aries. It moved into Taurus shortly after 9 in the morning. It's Sunday, but that should still bode well for getting stuff done that you feel is worth doing. But as I sit here at 1 in the afternoon, trying to get it together, I find that's simply not happening. And since I've experienced this foggy, fuzzy feeling at such times before, I decided to write about IT ... and set aside what's really on my schedule for a time when life allows that work to be easier.

Go with the flow is no longer just a catch-phrase for me. Insofar as possible, I've learned to make it my way of life. Astrology helps me do this. A glance at the calendar tells me how to plan. The Moon makes no aspects today ... the first coming after midnight tonight. So, this is a day to treat life as if the moon is void of course, but with a little extra hint of optimism to help lighten the mood because any results you do get won't just hit a wall and die when finally the Moon finds its footing again -- and life stops it aimless drift.

Don't try to accomplish anything productive -- at least don't count on it. Consider anything you do get done a bonus ... gravy on the entree of the day. Instead, use the time to deal with the aggravations and details that do intrude on and clutter up the productive time of other ... more ordinary days. As a writer, I use days like this to proofread and polish. Do research. Take notes. Jot down thoughts. Translate this into what it could mean in your life and work schedule.


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