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The Moon
Physics, Metaphysics and Myth
Part 1

by Rebecca Brents


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Luna, the Earth's Moon, is also the Earth's only natural satellite. Neither Mercury nor Venus have any moons at all. The rest of the planets in our Solar System have anywhere from 2 moons (Mars) to dozens of moons. Jupiter has 67. Even Pluto has five. Still that makes Earth and its Moon -- and their peculiar relationship to one another -- fairly unique.

The Moon was created about 4.6 billion years ago ... shortly after the Earth itself took shape. Through the years, there have been various theories about the origin of the Moon.

The most widely accepted one holds that the young Earth collided with another planet-sized object roughly the size of Mars called Theia, and the resulting debris from the impact spun out and eventually coalesced to form the Moon.


moon glyph


In Astrology, the Moon is the symbol of our inner selves, our feelings and emotions. It stands as an interesting companion and counterpoint to the Sun's emphasis on the outer personality, the ego, ambitions and willpower a person brings into the life to express as a spiritual being.

Together the Sun and the Moon comprise a more well-rounded, dimensional personality than simply Sun sign Astrology alone can manage.

The Moon represents our deep personal needs, our security issues, our instincts, reactions and basic habits. It is the source of powerful intuition and the metaphor for our automatic, knee-jerk responses. It speaks to our history, our family life and the support we crave and receive (or not) there.

It describes what we need to feel safe and protected. It is a strong component in what makes us human ... and what gives life its deep inner meaning. Information supplied by the Moon in the horoscope is crucial to understanding the fundamental character of the soul who owns it.




There are a myriad of lunar deities in mythology, most of them female Moon goddesses -- but not exclusively. Some of them are related to or work in conjunction with the more powerful, masculine Sun gods who are their counterpart -- or equivalent, however you want to word that.

The Romans had Luna, the feminine compliment of Sol. They also had Diana, the twin sister of Apollo. Juno, the wife of Jupiter -- king of the Roman gods, also has some less distinct connections to the Moon, but the implication exists.

The Greeks had Selene, the sister of Helios, to whom she was considered the personification of the Moon. But they also had Artemis, the twin sister of Apollo (who was assimilated into both traditions with that name.)

And they had Hecate, who provides a third lunar connection, but who is not the direct equivalent of Juno. In fact, Hecate comes across as much more powerful, complex and mysterious than Juno, with connections to witchcraft, sorcery and magic, as well as healing and herbology, ghosts and necromancy.


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