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Questions for the Taurus New Moon

by Rebecca Brents


Here are some questions to consider as you
prepare for and work with the New Moon in Taurus ...
If your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in ...

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new spring plant

new spring plant


Aries ---> What are your most important personal values?

Taurus ---> Redefine yourself. Who are you ... now?

Gemini ---> What do your intuition and imagination tell you about the state of your life and where you go from here?


grapes on the vine


Cancer ---> What have you learned in the last year (or more) that can help you set meaningful goals?

Leo ---> What are your professional goals for the coming year?

Virgo ---> Where does your educational enrichment lie?


autumn field


Libra ---> What investments do you need to release, which do you need to replace ... and which ones do you need to renew?

Scorpio ---> What kind of partnerships do you want to build?

Sagittarius ---> How can you best serve your work interests and the people you work for -- family members, friends, colleagues, clients, employers?


winter trees


Capricorn ---> What are your special talents ... and how do you need to develop them further?

Aquarius ---> What do your feelings tell you about your new directions this year?

Pisces ---> What ideas do you need to develop?


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The New Moon -- A Milestone Celestial Event ---> When The Moon joins The Sun in the sky -- In astrology, the celestial phenomenon known as the New Moon occurs at the exact moment the Sun and the Moon occupy precisely the same point in the sky-map of the Zodiac -- the same degree and minute of arc in a particular sign. This alignment is known as a conjunction.

Meditation for the New Moon Taurus -- The Sun and Moon conjunct in Taurus ---> Affirmations for the energy of the New Moon in Taurus -- I use my common sense, assets, and possessions wisely. I live in an abundant, prosperous world, and I accept abundance and prosperity for myself. I am a resourceful, prosperous person, able to support myself in a healthy, comfortable lifestyle.

The New Moon in Taurus -- Taurus Energy in the Creative Process ---> Taking the next step -- As the Moon in Aries wanes and moves steadily toward renewal by joining again with the Sun, now in Taurus, there is a corresponding shift in the focus of energy on earth away from the initiations, new beginnings, pioneering efforts, "planting seeds" that dominated last month's experiences.


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