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Quick Notes on the Full Moon
It gives you the basics and saves lots of time

by Serenity Chappell


full moon

It's complicated

Full Moons accompany a time of complex emotions and concerns. There's often a lot going on when a Full Moon arrives ... activities, interests and commitments on the outside, and ambivalence, confusion and a distinct level of concern and distress on the inside. Full Moons are not comfortable in the way that the New Moon time will be. Full Moons are times of pressure and division.

You want one thing, but you also want something else -- and Life, for one reason or another, is forcing you to make a choice. You either cannot have both desires -- you can't be in two places at once, you can't be doing work at the office for the clients who need you while at the same time, you can't be home supporting and being present with the family who needs you. Or you really can't do a decent adequate job with some kind of sharing arrangement.


full moon

Either way, it's a compromise

Compromise between these two competing life areas is either out of the question or extremely difficult -- so difficult it might as well be impossible. Either way, you can't have "enough" of both ... so you have to find a way to have enough of each to adequately supply their basic requirements.

Either way, you feel torn and divided, incompetent and unsatisfied. You cannot seem to fulfill your outer world responsibilities and your responsibilities to yourself with your inner world requirements and your commitments to the important lives and concerns in your private life. No wonder Full Moons make people crazy.


And it's all about choices

The divisive onstage theme in your life -- in everyone's life -- that comes with the arrival of the Full Moon every month will have a different costume and present you with different choices each time.

It may not be as blatant and obvious as the classic competition between profession and family ... public life and private life, but those threads of either / or will be there, nevertheless -- asking you to either make a choice one way or the other ... or to desperately arrange some kind of compromise where you can have both / and -- for as much as that gets you.


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