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The Strawberry Moon
June's Full Moon

by Celeste L. Walker


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moon in pink sky

The Full Moon in June

In folklore, the first Full Moon in June is named the Strawberry Moon. The Old Farmer's Almanac says that's because the Algonquin Indian tribes used this as the signal it was time to start gathering ripe fruit. Strawberries are among the first berries to ripen, but they are also fragile ... and must be harvested quickly before they spoil.

In Astrology, this Full Moon can either be the Sagittarius Moon opposing the Sun in Gemini, or the Capricorn Moon opposing the Cancer Sun. The Sagittarius / Gemini combination will appear sometime in the first 2/3 of June, so there's a 2:1 chance that this is where the Full Moon falls.


moon in the belt of Venus

The difference between what you know
and what you've been told

If so, it invites you to notice discrepancies you've met recently between what you've been taught -- the stuff of formal learning and conventional wisdom, and what you've learned from first hand experience. Essentially, this is a comparison between school smarts and street smarts ... and there can be a world of difference. You may pay lip service to cultural standards but fall back on your own knowledge when managing daily life.

You may have formed beliefs that clash with traditional morality and common religious tenets. If so, it's time to examine this philosophical split and reconcile it. You may be spouting bromides from force of habit -- or to fit in with your usual crowd, when real life -- your life -- has shown you a different set of facts.


moon in pink sky boat

Making things make sense

So what are you going to believe? The ideas and opinions of social leaders and religious authorities? Or your own lyin' eyes? It may be time to set aside things you've been taught but no longer believe, to just drop the pretense and be your own person. That's a quick and guaranteed path to healing and wholeness. Don't be afraid to take it.

If on the other hand the June's Full Moon falls in the last third of the month, it brings a Capricorn / Cancer combination ... with very different lessons to consider. This one invites you to look at the balance between your public and private life -- between professional obligations and family obligations. How have you take on too many automatic "shoulds" and "musts" in your career commitments and slighted or ignored the call of home and loved ones who need just as much of your attention?


moon above pink glow

Finding the balance point

You may be very taken with your community standing and reputation as someone others look up to and rely on. You may give 110% to contributing something worthwhile to life ... to "making something of yourself," while neglecting matters on the homefront and your need for a personal life to balance all this ambition.

So, do you need to reconnect with family members and catch up on what's happening with them? Do you need to punch out of work once in a while and make some deliberate down-time for yourself? Do you need to pay as much attention to the state of your home and living arrangements as you do to your office and its accessories? Do you need to say "no" to so many professional commitments and gatherings and "yes" to more family ones? Who gets more of your quality time, and who deserves more of it?


moon in lavender

Finding your center

Make some decisions and set a course you're comfortable with. Your new schedule and habits may seem awkward at first, but they'll improve with practice. Meanwhile, you're building a more balanced life based on conscious choices, and that's a good thing. You can hear the wisdom just reading the words. It's time to find your center again.

The Strawberry Moon is also sometimes called the Honey Moon since June is such a popular wedding month. In Europe, it's known as the Full Rose Moon. Some cultures call it the Hot Moon since its appearance is somewhat near the Summer Solstice, the year's longest daylight day.

You can call it the day you began moving in the right direction, toward healing yourself whole.


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The Full Moon in Astrology

Appreciating the Full Moon ---> It happens every month ---> Like The New Moon, The Full Moon every month has an exact time when it arrives -- the moment The Moon precisely opposes The Sun in the sky. Visually, The Full Moon hangs around for several days -- the day before the event, the day of and the day after, you'll hardly notice the difference.

* Full Moon Conflicts -- Full Moon Tension through the Signs ---> Full Moon Conflicts ---> Aries Sun / Libra Moon = My ambitions, my drive for self-definition, my need to assert myself and my independence vs. my need to take other people into account, my desire for meaningful partnerships, my habitual efforts to compromise, keep the peace, and get along. When stressed, the attitude of the Aries Sun is aggressive, bossy, and self-centered, and that of the Libra Moon is manipulative and pouting.

* Full Moon / New Moon? Or New Moon / Full Moon? -- Variations on the rhythms of life ---> Different rhythms ---> It's a subtle difference, I admit, but it's there nevertheless. Life's psychological rhythm has a different sequence, depending on whether the New Moon in a particular sign forms first, followed about two weeks later by the Full Moon in the opposite sign ... or whether the Full Moon forms first, followed then by the New Moon lining up with the Sun in its sign.


The Buck Moon -- July's Full Moon ---> July's full moon ---> In folklore, July's first full moon is named the Buck Moon. The Old Farmer's Almanac says that's because the long-ago Indian tribes noted this as the time when the new antlers of buck deer push out and begin to grow. It made them easier to distinguish from the females -- and this sign of masculine potency, like so many, was deemed significant.

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