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Let's Talk About
This Thing Called the Void-of-Course Moon
When You Wind Up Chasing Your Own Tail

by Celeste L. Walker


full moon

When you just can't get it together

Has the start of this year felt unusually sluggish and unfocused to you? It certainly has to me. I don't mean it's lacked effort and pressure. You may have plenty of that. But there's also been a "thick" feeling you've had to struggle against, as if you can't get organized, can't concentrate, can't really "get your act together."

Here in the United States especially, the first five days of the new year brought us three with significant void of course Moon periods during normal waking hours.

If you recognize this "swimming against the tide" climate, this is what void-of-course Moon energy feels like!! Not exactly sleepy, yet strangely befogged, drifty and frustrating.

You pick a project to work on ... and you can't find a good starting place. You try to make progress on something ... and your plans fall apart. You think you're getting somewhere -- and the next day, you make different decisions and wind up undoing much of what you did the day before.


reflected moon

There are ways to know this in advance

This is void of course Moon energy at its finest. Not much fun, I agree -- if you've got something important on your agenda. But that, right there, is the key to solving the v/c Moon dilemma.

If you've got any sense ... or any control over your day's schedule and activities, you don't try to do anything important, and you certainly don't start anything important when the Moon is void of course.

With just a little practice, you can learn what this energy feels like, even without an Astrological Calendar to confirm your suspicions. But it certainly helps to have one, so you can check to see when the coast will be clear again ... and when the next "down-time" is scheduled in the cosmic cycle.

Knowing when the void-of-course Moon slices occur in the week is an absolutely essential part of my life. Has been for years. And you will save yourself tons of aggravation and futile effort if you'll just integrate this into the way you work with the world.


artistic full moon

Stick to routines

Void-of-course Moon time is a great chance to catch up on your "routine stuff" ... or your rest. It's a superb moment to settle back, listen to your own thoughts and find your personal center again while you wait for Life to show you what it has in mind next.

This is honest-to-goodness how Life is designed to work. We've lost track of it somehow in our technological sea of gadgets, man-made calendars and rush-around-like-an-idiot schedules. We feel we have to fill up every moment God sends with something constructive. And so we try.

When the sign changes, as the void-of-course period passes and the Moon moves into the next segment of its journey, always brings lots better focus and momentum. It's like waiting for traffic to clear before you try to cross the street. No kidding, sometimes it's exactly like that.

So, if you already know about the perils and pleasures of Void-of-Course Moon energy, you understand what I mean. If this is a new notion to you, find out more about it here.


Here at the beginning of a brand new year, while they're still available, for heaven's sake, get yourself an Astrological Calendar ... and use it, for this, if nothing else. Personally, I love Jim Maynard's Pocket Astrologer ... available from Quicksilver Productions ... or, of course from Amazon.com or your favorite local metaphysical bookstore. (Getting your hands on one can be a yearly aggravation. They're wonderful. Supplies are limited, and believe me, they disappear fast!!)

There's an Eastern Time edition and a Pacific Time edition ... so make sure you know what you're getting and ask for the right one. Those of us in the Central and Mountain time zones have to "adjust" the time backwards or forwards to be on track, but it's a small thing to remember. Llewellyn also puts out an astrological calendar, but I honestly haven't looked at one of theirs in years. It might appeal to you though. Just FYI.

Also, check with your local metaphysical bookstore. They should have them, too. Believe me, it's the best seven bucks you'll spend all year to make your life easier. Mine is always a well-worn and tattered mess by the end of the year.

Anyway, if you keep up with the void-of-course Moon periods, especially when you come to a significant one, you can plan some personal downtime to restore your energy and soul ... exactly as these times intend.

If one falls on, say, a Sunday, it's perfect for a lazy Sunday lunch and dinner, time to read or watch videos, time to tidy up the house ... or heck, time to snuggle with your Sweetie. (See, there's lots of good things to do with a void of course Moon besides beat your head against the celestial stone wall.)

Do yourself a favor. Step into life's flow and learn what living from that perspective can do for you. I pretty much guarantee, you'll never be sorry.

The Void-of-Course Moon -- Quick Notes that Save Lots of Time


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The Void-of-Course Moon
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