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What is a Blood Moon?

by Rebecca Brents


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blood moon

It's a total Lunar eclipse. That's it.

Every once in a while, weathermen on television and other media types get all hyped about something they call a Blood Moon. They act like it's something really rare and mysterious. It's not. Mostly they're capitalizing on the description, because that sounds strange and worrisome. And it does, doesn't it?

A Blood Moon occurs during a total lunar eclipse, and it's called that because the phenomenon turns the night's spectacular Full Moon a dark reddish color for a few hours. Once you realize what's happening and why, the term Blood Moon does sound a lot spookier than it is. But you know the media. Anything for excitement.


lunar eclipse

Only at the Full Moon

A lunar eclipse can only occur during a Full Moon -- and Full Moons happen every month. In fact, there are sometimes 13 Full Moons in a year, not just twelve. 2020 is such a time. There will be two Full Moons in October. Best of all, one falls on Halloween. How's that for a gift from the Cosmos?

Anyway, as I said, Full Moons happen every month. You undoubtedly know this. But Lunar Eclipses do not. You know this, too, but you may not know why. A total Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly through the Earth's full shadow -- known as the umbra. But the Moon has an irregular orbit. So does the Earth for that matter. And then there's this thing called "the plane of the ecliptic."

Don't panic. You can Google more about it if you like -- and someday I may write my own reference piece on it, just for convenience. But there's a fairly easy explanation if you just use your imagination a moment.


lunar eclipse

Imagine a phonograph record

Imagine one of those old-time phonograph records. You remember those. OK. Now, imagine the Sun just above the hole in the center. Now imagine the Earth at the edge of the record -- spinning around the Sun as it orbits. Got it? (Ok, now slow it down so you can imagine the next part.) This imaginary record in the plane of the ecliptic. The flat space of alignment between the Earth and the Sun.

Now imagine another such record -- smaller this time -- with the Earth at the center and the Moon at the edge, orbiting the Earth ... the way the Moon does in real life. Now you have the Earth orbiting the Sun on one "record" and the Moon orbiting the Earth on another ... at the same time. Now ... tilt each of the records so they no longer lie perfectly flat ... so each is kind of warped or slanted, not in perfect alignment.

Now aim a light beam from the Sun out toward the Earth so that it shines on both the Earth and the Moon ... but there's also a whole lot of light that doesn't hit anything.


lunar eclipse

Lots of margin for error

Now because these records are imaginary -- composed of empty space instead of anything solid, there will be times when the "path" of the Moon, Earth, and Sun are perfect alignment, one right behind the other. The Earth's shadow completely blocks the Sun's light from reaching the Moon. That's a total Lunar eclipse. But notice that it takes special conditions.

Most of the time, the Moon will be either too high or too low for the Earth's shadow to have any effect. That's what a normal Full Moon is like. And sometimes the Moon will be high or low enough to pass through only part of the Earth's shadow. That's a partial Lunar Eclipse.


partial eclipse


And there's also something called the "penumbra" -- which is a shady halo around the Earth, caused by the deflection of sunlight by the Earth's atmosphere. The Moon also sometimes passes just through that ... which is technically a Lunar Eclipse (and counts as such in Astrology) ... but the visual effects aren't spectacular at all.

This is called a "penumbral eclipse" when the Moon just appears a little darker ... a little grayish ... which goes along with the concept of "shady."


blood moon

Blood Moon

But the visually impressive, dark red of a total Lunar Eclipse, is what people call the Blood Moon. This red color is caused by the fact that not all the sunlight gets blocked. But what gets through gets refracted -- the way sunlight creates the familiar rainbow colors when it passes through a prism. In other words, the light gets bent and split into the different colors.

What gets through most easily in these conditions are the red light waves (which is also why sunrises and sunsets are sometimes red. Red light waves are much longer than the bluish / violet ones.) The intensity of the red color depends on the amount of dust or smoke in the atmosphere. Even when dealing with a Blood Moon / total Lunar Eclipse, some are more striking than others.


lunar eclipse

Worth seeing

Lunar eclipses happen two to five times a year, and most of those are partial or penumbral. Far less exciting than a total eclipse ... and far less visually entertaining. If a total Lunar Eclipse happens where you live, and you're able to see it -- (It depends on the time of day -- obviously, it can only happen at night.) -- it's worth a look. Just to cross it off your Bucket List, if nothing else.

A total Solar eclipse only lasts about half an hour, but a total Lunar eclipse can last nearly two hours ... and there's a lot of lead in and fade out. The whole thing start to finish can last more than five hours. So ... it's not like you have to rush. And after a while it gets kind of boring. Take a book. Or some company. But do make the effort.


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