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What is the Dark of the Moon?
When the Night's Moon Fades to Black

by Serenity Chappell


dark moon

When the night brings no moonlight at all

The Dark of the Moon refers to that phase in the Moon's monthly cycle when the Sun and Moon are so closely aligned there is no reflected light from the Sun available to shine from the Moon's surface.

The Moon, if you can see it at all -- it's way too close to the Sun, appears black and dead in the sky, and, of course, the nights themselves, with no moonlight at all, are especially dark and still.

The dark moon lasts about three days, from the time when the crescent of the old moon disappears completely until the crescent of the new moon appears ... and begins to grow.


dark night lighted cabin

The nights surrounding each New Moon

In Astrology, the new moon arrives at the moment of the Sun / Moon conjunction. In Wicca and the earth religions, the dark moon phase lasts until visible light from the new moon appears.

In the psycho-spiritual energy of the time, the dark moon phase marks a period of contemplation and introspection. There is a feeling of attention and life itself turning inward, focusing on personal concerns and private, intimate matters.


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castle at night

The unconscious world opens up

The state of one's inner reality becomes more prominent, moving into conscious awareness more easily than usual. Dreams may be more vivid ... or more readily remembered. Visions and memories seem to intrude more often, as fantasies conjure up connections to the past, unmet longings and desires and unfinished business that calls for review and resolution.

It's a time to tend the state of your inner health, your psychological welfare, to close out the business of the old moon's interests and set new goals and plans for the coming month and its themes. There is powerful psychic energy around during the dark of the moon, as in the interests of living a conscious life, you do well to acknowledge this and use it.


Parliament at night

In the dark places of the world ... and your inner world

The dark of the moon asks you to retreat into the dark recesses of yourself, to explore the hidden parts of your psyche and re-establish contact with your soul. It's a time to be still and reflective, to make space for the whispers of your inner world to come forward and enter conscious awareness.

A quiet, dreamy openness of mind and spirit helps them make their presence known to you ... something which may be hard to do when they have to compete with the stress and clamor of everyday life and its many demands.


mosques at midnight

A time for stillness

During the dark of the moon, it's a time to be still and listen to whatever inner wisdom is trying to speak. It is a fine way to practice and sharpen your own sensitivity and psychic awareness. Such spiritual and psychological integration helps you be a more complete person.

It boosts your awareness of your life both within and without ... and the wisdom itself lifts you to a place where being a better version of you is not just possible, but easy.


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