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When the New Moon is in Aquarius
Sun conjunct Moon in Aquarius

by Rebecca Brents


new moon

Finding your originality again ...

The New Moon in Aquarius brings a double dose of independent thinking, rebelliousness, inventiveness, and the willingness to pit your ingenuity against the challenges you face. It arrives like a refreshing breath of freedom ... even when you have no idea at all what's liable to happen next if you lead out with the "bring it on!!" attitude that so describes the boisterous energy of this combination.

The New Moon in Aquarius brings with it a change in focus ... and, after the staid-and-sober attitudes of Capricorn, a most welcome invitation to claim more creativity and elbow-room. With the New Moon in Aquarius, personal concerns and emotional commitments are united behind attitudes that are humane, independent, progressive, intellectual and concerned with human welfare.

You are attracted to ideas and projects that are unique in their outlook, advanced in focus, unusually liberal, and altruistic in tone. Ingenuity appeals to you, and you are more than ready to exercise yours. You may prefer an unorthodox solution to a problem over something more sober and traditional, or a new adventure over continuing to "play it safe."

This is the part of the creative cycle where you decide to "shake things up" ... and take some risks, perhaps substantial ones.

It is also a time when socializing with friends, hobnobbing with professional colleagues, and listening to the ideas of like-minded thinkers ... including writers, philosophers, political figures, commentators, teachers, etc., ... may open up new perspectives for you and start you thinking along the lines of what you personally want to do to create a better, more enlightened, much improved future for everyone.

This is a rather selfless energy -- becoming more so, of course, as Pisces arrives, but it contains the altruism, idealism, and concern for "the welfare of all" that gives civilized society its reputation ... at least on paper. You, obviously, are part of that ... as are we all.


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When the Sun is in Aquarius -- January 19 to February 18 ---> The Sun has moved into whimsical, capricious Aquarius. It will travel there until February 18. -- Time to lighten up -- It's time for us all to bring a little more fun and "craziness" (of the good kind -- there's already plenty of the other) into our lives! When the Sun is in Aquarius, people are adventurous, compassionate and imaginative.

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Meditation for the New Moon in Aquarius -- The Sun and Moon conjunct in Aquarius ---> Affirmations for the energy of the New Moon in Aquarius -- I have the courage and the passion to fulfill my dreams. I joyfully apply my skills and vision to build a better world of tomorrow.


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