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When the New Moon is in Gemini

by Rebecca Brents



A double dose of all things cerebral

The New Moon in Gemini is a double dose of intellectual energy, bringing ideas, curiosity, and an argumentative spirit to what you say and think. You are eager to communicate and share information, interested in learning new things ... and ready to put your whole heart and soul into using what you know. You are proud of what you think, what you know and how you share it.

Sometimes the New Moon in Gemini can be so "intellectual" it's confusing -- because it does invite you to think differently, to use different perspectives and see more complexities in common things than you do ordinarily. It helps if you have a lot of Air energy in your horoscope -- placements in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. You're used to working with this rarified energy and using your mind on many levels.



It loves information

One of Gemini's great strengths is its ability to hold opposing thoughts side-by-side and consider them objectively both at once. It's less concerned with picking a side -- or even making up its mind (because it's just as likely to change it.) What it wants is to be able to see (and maybe argue) all sides of an issue. It is often able to see merit and weaknesses in each ... and still work with that.

It will give you a more comprehensive, dimensional outlook on life. You'll take in a lot of facets and details. But the kind of knowledge that appeals to Gemini tends to be fairly superficial and shallow. Yes, it can handle complex issues, but it prefers not to go very deep. It would rather know a little bit about a lot of different things than specialize too persistently.

So, in Gemini, you may read ... and talk ... about a lot of different topics and add to your general knowledge. You may dabble in new interests and come away feeling you "learned a few things," but there's an element of entertainment in it all more than anything serious.

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