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* Wishing on the New Moon in Leo
Putting New Moon Energy to Work in Your Life

by Rebecca Brents


new moon

Another month / another New Moon

The New Moon in Leo formed July 31
at 9:12 PM (Mountain Time)

The New Moon is a special monthly event. The days surrounding it bring closure and renewal, releasing old efforts and energy ... and gathering new intentions, projects & plans. As much as possible, use the four days surrounding every New Moon -- the three before and the one that comes after for meditation, reflection, releasing and planning. To Astrologers, mystics and others, these days are the Dark of the Moon. There is no visible moon in the sky ... or no visible moon to speak of.

As the Sun and Moon align (which is what forms the New Moon every month), the psychological energy around us slows down, gets quiet and invites us to turn inward to the center where intuition and feelings reside. Here we get a better take on what's going on in our lives, what we need ... and what we want next. We can heal what needs to be mended and gather our strength for the next leg of the journey.

It's a natural pause in life's ongoing rhythm, and it makes so much personal, emotional, spiritual and psychological sense to use it that way -- just as it makes sense to eat when you're hungry and sleep when you're tired! That our culture has lost touch with these cosmic undercurrents and replaced them with the push-push-push drumbeat of productivity and hustle is a virtual crime against humanity. And I'll call it that.

(In my head I hear the pounding rhythm of the hammer on the block to regulate the oarsmen in Ben Hur. That's what it feels like. And that's certainly what it feels like when you manage to break free and remember back ... tied to that rhythm, those demands, that mindless service of ... something or someone. Maybe you couldn't even say what.)

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