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Working with the Dark of the Moon
Getting the most from this lunar phase

by Rebecca Brents


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moonless night

Turning inward

The Dark of the Moon. There's enough magic in each syllable that just the words conjure shadowy, mysterious pictures in the imagination of a world between worlds and extend shivery invitations to step out of this one into ... something else. A place where time itself is inconstant ... and possibilities not entirely rooted in this reality beckon like the scent of night-blooming jasmine. The Dark of the Moon. It sounds so delicious.

Depending on how you use it, the Dark of the Moon can be all that. It's a time of heightened awareness and a far more inward focus. Dreams, visions, psychic energy, spiritual messages and the power of prophecy are more the norm than the exception. It's a time made for special attention and rituals, packed with the kind of creative power you might want to learn to use for your own delight and profit.


newest moon

Signs of new beginnings

The Dark of the Moon settles into place every month -- in the last three days of the recurring Lunar Cycle, from two days before the New Moon until about 24 - 36 hours after. Traditional moon lore holds that the Dark of the Moon doesn't officially end until you can see the whisper-thin crescent of new light decorating the right curve of the developing New Moon right around sunset a day or so after the Sun / Moon conjunction.

That conjunction, when the Sun and the Moon occupy the same degree and minute of arc in the Zodiac, is the New Moon. It happens virtually every month. (Sometimes diminutive February gets skipped.) But you can't actually see the New Moon, because in that position the Moon is easily overpowered by the glare of the Sun.

So, the conventional reference to the New Moon (or the young moon, as astronomers call it), is when the Moon reaches a position to first become visible again. It all depends on the Moon's ability to reflect sunlight, because despite romantic references to moonlight, the Moon generates no light of its own.


dark moon

Slowing down

Even Astrologers may call it one of the Luminaries ... a word which means "light giver," but it's not. The Moon is really just a big cosmic mirror whose surface reflects back sunlight -- and in its welcome decoration of the night sky throughout most of every month, it has entered into poetry, myth & legend.

Each moon phase has it's own special energy, but among them Dark Moon energy is particularly potent. As the prevailing energy of the Balsamic Moon deepens, the pulse of life slows down until it becomes virtually still. Attention naturally moves inward. Your interior life takes on new meaning. Messages are transmitted in feelings, intuition and symbols more than language.

The conscious mind, with all its gifts for analysis and logic, cedes the stage for a while to management by the powerful subconscious. As this happens, you may feel like you've gone on autopilot. Emotions are clear and strong, but thoughts are fuzzy. You may be tempted to daydream a lot ... or travel in your fantasies ... or play "What if?" regarding your plans and the future.


dark night milky way

And reflecting

You may also feel sleepy and just want to nap. And since Dark Moon energy sets the stage for healing, recuperation, recovery and rest, that's more than expected. Extra sleep now may do you some good, so if life allows you that freedom ... go for it. It's a good way to prepare for the New Moon and its energy of renewal. You may be a creature of spirit, but you still have a body ... so take care of it.

In your awake-time, reconnect with your inner life. Meditate. Journal. Visualize. Ask yourself questions. What do you want to create this next month ... or farther into the future? What are your intentions? What are your first steps? What do you need to release in order to change from who you are (and have been) into who you want to be (and are becoming?) These are serious questions that need serous answers

Dark Moon energy is good for closure, for forgiveness, for making amends, for mourning and setting aside things (or people) who are no longer appropriate to the path you intend to follow now. Getting clear on this is at the top of your personal New Moon agenda now. Here is where you outline the steps that will get you from here to there ... instead of floundering aimlessly and hoping for the best. Too many people do that already.


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Learn more about the Dark of the Moon

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Closing down

* The Dark of the Moon is a well-known & much celebrated part of the Lunar Cycle -- the complete monthly circle of the Moon through its different phases. But the Dark of the Moon isn't an official "moon phase." It's a period of time that straddles part of the Balsamic phase (the final phase) & part of the New Moon phase (the start of a new lunar cycle.)

* The Dark of the Moon is the period of about 3 1/2 days surrounding the New Moon (the conjunction of the Moon & the Sun) when the Moon is so close to the Sun it's unable to reflect sunlight back to us from our vantage point on Earth.

Basic Stuff about the Dark of the Moon


dark moon

Private retreat

Just as the Moon's light fades from view, so does the Dark of the Moon invite your attention away from your public life & outer world concerns -- & focus your thoughts inward into the fertile ground of your inner landscape. It's a time for quiet contemplation, dreams & visions & most of all rest & recuperation from the stress of the past month.

Deep in the comfort & privacy of your inner world, you reconnect to your authentic self ... the person you were designed to be. It's a time to ask yourself if you're on course with your feelings, your intentions & your true destiny. If so, it's time to plan how to continue in the month ahead. If not, it's time to ask yourself some pointed questions, give honest answers & figure out what you need to do to fix it.

Quick Notes on the Dark of the Moon


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The Dark of the Moon
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