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Pisces: The 12th Sign of the Zodiac
The last step on the journey
around Creation's Spiral

by Serenity Chappell


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Pisces -- the end of the journey

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac. It follows Aquarius in the Zodiac line-up. As a rule, the range of Pisces covers the time from February 20 until March 20th.

Those are the dates when the Sun is in Pisces. It is a time of rest, recuperation, healing, planning, inspiration, and making background preparations for new ventures to launch when Aries arrives.


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Pisces -- a time of rest and reflection

Pisces is associated with seclusion, retreat, mystical interests, artistic ventures, spiritual concerns ... and psychological studies. It is also associated with selflessness, meditation, prayer, right brain activities -- such as writing, photography, painting, and work with symbolism, self-sabotage, and emotional issues -- often the type that undermine and hinder progress.

The Zodiacal symbol for Pisces is the fish -- two of them actually, joined but swimming in different directions. Pisces is the Mutable Water sign. Water signs are intuitive, emotional, creative, and sensitive.


Pisces is a Mutable sign

Mutable signs are associated with flexibility, adaptability, and invention. Pisces natives combine these qualities into characters that are quiet, unassuming, reclusive, selfless, and visionary.

The other Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. The natural style these signs take in their approach to life can bring challenges to their relationships with Pisces.


Pisces is a Water sign

The other Water signs are Cancer and Scorpio. Common values and similar preferences in habits and ambitions help these signs find an easier, more natural compatibility with Pisces.

Traditionally, Pisces is compatible with Cancer and Scorpio, other Pisces, Capricorn and Taurus. Taurus and Capricorn bring supportive and complementary qualities that can enhance their relationship with Pisces.


Summing Up Pisces

On the other hand, a match between Pisces and Gemini or Pisces and Sagittarius carries special challenges ... and a relationship between Pisces and Virgo will require well-defined "territories" for each partner ... and a constant willingness to compromise on many issues, for these two signs often hold to different values. As you can see, Virgo / Pisces relationships can be kind of a mixed blessing.

Physically, Pisces rules the feet. The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune. Pisces is associated with the color sea green. The starstone (not the birth stone) assigned to Pisces is the moonstone.

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Pisces And Sun in Pisces
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Are You a Pisces? -- Is Your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Pisces? ---> A world of fluid thoughts and feelings ---> Pisces is a Water sign. Water signs are considered feminine, passive, reactive, receptive, introverted, and enduring. They attract experiences and "take advantage of opportunities" rather than creating circumstances independently. Though capable of acting forcefully, they often prefer to "wait and see what happens" before making any moves.

Making the Most of the Sun in Pisces ---> A time of peace and reflection ---> The energy of the Sun in Pisces is introverted, reclusive, and compassionate. It encourages attitudes that are sensitive, healing, and intensely private. It brings extra focus to artistic inspiration, mystical interests, and deep emotions.

Understanding the Sun in Pisces ---> Turning inward ---> The Sun travels through the Astrology sign Pisces once a year, a trip that lasts about a month.  The Sun is in Pisces from late February until late March. The energy of the Sun in Pisces is quiet, tolerant and inclusive -- and accompanies a rise in these attitudes in everyone. When the Sun travels through Pisces, you may become more introspective, more willing to pull back from the stress ....

Pisces -- When it comes to friends and lovers ---> Pisces is a Water Sign ---> Pisces makes it easy ... sometimes ---> Personally, I think it's easy to love a Pisces -- and I say that as a Double Aries, a combination Astrology doesn't think would get along with Pisces at all. Signs right next to each other in the Zodiac traditionally have "problems" coping with each other. And, of course, that describes Pisces and Aries. Next-door neighbors. Side by side in every horoscope.


Simply Pisces
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* The Art of Being Pisces -- The artist's search for self-expression ---> A means of escape ---> The notion of the tortured, starving, misunderstood, more-than-half-crazy artist unfortunately fits the logic of why so many Pisces find their way into the arts -- or long to give up their boring, mundane jobs in the commercial rat-race and lose themselves altogether in their world of fantasy and imagination.

* Celebrating Pisces -- The 5 most distinctive / admirable traits of the sign ---> Pisces is a Water Sign. ---> Reserved ---> The Pisces soul has a quiet, appealing presence full of unmistakable paradox -- serene and gentle. There's no way to miss it, if you know what you're looking for -- or looking at -- or experiencing on every subliminal broadcast channel you can sense. They are poised, peaceful ... a step or two back from the roiling business of real life ....

* Conscious Living with Pisces -- When The Sun travels through the -- Pisces sector in your chart ---> When the Sun travels through Pisces ---> When the Sun travels through Pisces what area does it cover in your Natal Chart? What house(s) are involved in this particular slice of the sky? And specifically, what house (or houses) in your horoscope have Pisces on the cusp?

* Pisces: The End of the Cycle -- A time of summing up, recovery and preparation ---> Visions of another world ---> Aquarians seem to live in a different world than the rest of us -- a world of the mind that is ever-changing, stuffed with wondrous possibilities and always entertaining. Pisces, however, takes that one step beyond. They inhabit a mysterious world of emotions, feelings, intuition and transcendence.


Transiting Sun in Pisces

* What is the Season of Pisces About? ---> From Star Trax Pisces 2019 ---> Pisces is a reflective, contemplative energy. It is quiet and watchful in a way that sets it firmly apart from the practical and worldly business that consumes the attention of the other Zodiac signs. Part of its work is to sort through the confusion of worldly business and make sense of it all. While its special energy is available, you, too, may step back and consider where you are going from here.


Pisces is a feminine sign

* Feminine Signs -- The Earth and Water Signs ---> Signs of Practicality and Emotion ---> Where masculine signs are dynamic, self-motivating and proactive, feminine signs take a more subtle, passive approach when dealing with challenge or working for change. Masculine sign people are life's movers-and-shakers, while feminine signs prefer to be patient, bide their time and "wait and see what happens" before spending energy and resources to make life bend to their will.


Pisces is a Water Sign

* The Water Signs -- Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces ---> Water Signs are emotional ---> The Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces represent emotional, instinctive, and subconscious energy that is nurturing, healing, and transformative. They are feeling, sensitive, intuitive, responsive, protective, and passionate. They are often extraordinarily creative in artistic efforts that rely on symbolism and metaphor to carry the message of the work.

Meet the Water Signs ---> Meet the Water Signs ---> The Water Signs of the Zodiac are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. There is one Water Sign for each of the Qualities -- Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Cancer is Cardinal Water. Scorpio is Fixed Water, and Pisces is Mutable Water. Water Signs represent emotional, instinctive, and subconscious energy that is nurturing, healing, and transformative.


Neptune -- Ruler of Pisces

Meeting the Mysteries of Neptune ---> Advanced Studies ---> The Natal House that holds transiting Neptune is being influenced now by some of the most complex and mysterious energy the Zodiac ... and the Cosmos ... have to offer. ---> Positively, this is the life area where: You are meeting and learning to work with experiences that require compassion, tolerance, patience, unconditional love and selfless responses.

Pisces Sunshine
Horoscopes When the Sun is in Pisces

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  pisces  Serenity by Starlight  500 Words or Less  


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