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Summing Up Pisces

by Rebecca Brents



ocean scene

Pisces ... the end of the spiral

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. It is hands down the most complex sign, and in so many poignant and painful ways, it is the least understood and the least appreciated.

The compound irony of this is that Pisces energy, infused as it is with layer upon layer of insight, multi-dimensional meaning, and profound depth of knowledge, is virtually obsessed with understanding and appreciating Life ... existence, conscious and unconscious awareness, pure beingness ... in all its facets and possibilities.

Pisces is the sum total of all the previous wisdom gained through the experience of each preceding sign ... Aries through Aquarius.

The knowledge gathered -- the diamonds, the dings, and everything in between -- comes back to the Source in Pisces ... to rest and heal, to be assimilated, to be processed into "meaning" -- so that the new starts, the coming initiations, the launching of new projects and adventures in Aries ... have a foundation of infinite value behind them.


Always evolving

Life's evolution doesn't have to start from scratch each time. It doesn't have to constantly, constantly, constantly reinvent the wheel.

Maybe a different wheel, maybe a better wheel, maybe finer and more clever applications for wheels, yes ... but the "basic template" exists ... in place ... available for anyone to use ... in an open source format -- thanks to the quiet, infinitely perceptive and selfless contributions of Pisces.

True, some lessons seem endlessly repetitive ... but at some point, and thank merciful Providence for this fact, "inventing the wheel" is not something anyone ever has to do again. It's become automatic, instinctive knowledge, part of the collective unconscious database everyone is born knowing.

And with that, Life -- and humankind -- and consciousness itself takes a huge step toward the fusion -- the cohesion -- that may, indeed, finally be reunion with the Divine Source, where the valiant quest ends.


beach and broken fence

Finding meaning

Without Pisces, that essential last step on the long, painful, tedious and confusing voyage of Life -- The Hero's Journey that carries all of us along somewhere, somehow -- is missing. Without Pisces to process the data and comprehend "what it all means" ... "IT" may have all been for nothing.

Without Pisces, there is no homecoming. There is no safe harbor. There is no arrival back in the presence of the Original Cause. There is no respite from the wandering and searching. There is no rest, or time to contemplate the lessons we've met and heal the injuries endured.

Without Pisces, which often feels so alienated and under-valued by a world full of signs consumed by other values and interests, the very reason for the voyage itself is in danger of being lost.


volcanic rocks and ocean

And above all, understanding

Call it drifty. Call it impractical. Call it downright loopy -- which it certainly is from time to time. Pisces energy is still the better part of all our natures, distilled into an invisible essence each of us needs the way we need the invisible essence of oxygen to survive.

Without its gentle ministrations, our firm connection back to the spark of our own divinity is very much in question. Without it ... we are so much less, impoverished in ways only Pisces -- again with incredible irony -- can appreciate.

If that isn't a case of life finally understanding itself, you'll go a long way before you find a better one.


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