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Basic Stuff about Pluto in Astrology

by Serenity Chappell




About Pluto in Astrology

* Technically -- sort of -- Pluto is considered the farthest planet from the Sun, the eighth planet in our Solar System & the one most recently discovered. But some qualifiers go with this statement.

* Scientists have recently re-classified Pluto from being a full-fledged planet citizen to being what they now call a "dwarf planet." Objectively there may be good reasons for this, but the move also raises a few questions.

* As a "dwarf planet," what exactly about Pluto has changed? As far as Astrologers are concerned, not much. Its behavior, symbolism & status in the practice of our craft is too solid, predictable & important to just ignore it.



More about Pluto

* So planet, "dwarf planet," whatever ... it still occupies an essential place -- and plays an essential role -- in your horoscope.

* Pluto also has an extremely odd orbit, much more elliptical than circular. This means it sometimes crosses -- & travels -- inside the orbit of Neptune.

* Pluto takes 248 years to make a complete circle of the Zodiac. But this elliptical orbit means it doesn't spend an equal amount of time in each sign. For example, it spends 12 years is Scorpio, but 32 years in Taurus. The other signs are parceled out times in between these two extremes.



Even more about Pluto

* This means also that some generations will experience Pluto in over half the Zodiac signs -- as many as seven in a normal human life span. Others would experience Pluto only in three. Not only does Pluto spend a lot of time in Taurus, but his presence there will accompany serious economic upheaval.

* Pluto rules redoubtable Scorpio -- a fact that gives everybody pause. Scorpio's symbolism encompasses the awesome archetype of death & rebirth, destruction & resurrection, creation on the one hand, annihilation on the other.

* It's a sobering, commanding power that requires careful handling ... & undeniable respect. Always.


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Pluto in Astrology

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Pluto: Ruler of Scorpio ---> Pluto -- God of the Underworld ---> Pluto, with its bizarre, irregular orbit, is the last of the discovered planets in this Solar System which the basic metaphorical language of astrology contains. Occasionally it is the outermost of the known planets, although during part of its journey around the Sun it moves inside the orbit of Neptune. There is even some debate about whether it qualifies as a bona fide planet.

* Pluto -- The Symbol of Irresistible Change ---> When things change ... drastically ---> Pluto. If the idea of this planet and all its metaphorical meanings, all the things it symbolizes out in the real world, don't cause the hair to ripple on the back of your neck and an inward shudder to pass through the core of your body like a sudden gust of frigid wind, well, then you don't know it like I do.


Pluto Retrograde

Pluto Retrograde -- Rebuilding in the Wake of Revolution ---> Pluto -- death and resurrection ---> Pluto. If you know anything at all about the symbolism of this strange, erratic, controversial planet (which some scientists don't consider a planet at all, and other scientists consider part of a double planet set along with its own Moon, Charon, with whom it shares an atmosphere), you know it represents situations and experiences that deserve more than passing respect.

Pluto Rx -- Creating Fundamental Improvements ---> Your Sun sign position in the list below shows where your essential self and its outlook are changing, permanently and profoundly. Your Moon sign position shows where your emotions, security concerns and involvement with home and family are changing -- and what will improve these important life areas when this process ends. Your Ascendant sign position shows where you are building a different, stronger personality in your personal presentation, the overall impression you make ....


Pluto in Capricorn

* Pluto in Capricorn -- The Lord of Destruction and Rebirth -- in the sign of Government and Corporate Industry ---> With Pluto in Capricorn, you are working with an energy that is ---> Fueled by a profound desire to make sweeping changes and improvements -- now tackling long-term projects that involve reworking your life's fundamental structures Determined to demolish what is exhausted, inappropriate, useless, obsolete or in disrepair in life areas where you already feel constantly vulnerable and insecure --


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