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Conscious Living With Sagittarius

by Rebecca Brents



wild horses

A larger understanding

When the Sun travels through Sagittarius what area does it cover in your Natal Chart? What house(s) are involved in this particular slice of the sky? And specifically, what house (or houses) in your Natal Chart have Sagittarius on the cusp?

These are life areas where you feel unusual focus now. Here, you want to go out and engage the world with welcoming optimism, expand your influence and offer your knowledge in exchange for the broader education others can provide in return. In these matters you feel unusually fortunate and blessed ... and believe what you offer is something everyone you know can use.

Here you work to develop a larger understanding of the world and how it works -- and because success here comes so easily for you, you likely have a lot of past experience and wonderful prior wisdom to draw on. You certainly have the envy of those who have to work overtime to produce anything close to what falls so effortlessly into your lap. Here your Karmic blessings and benefits work for you nicely, and give you solid standing for the authority you claim.


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Teaching & learning

This life area is full of teaching-and-learning moments, and you do a lot of both. You adopt a philosophical approach and are interested in layers of education far beyond the basics. You want recognition as "an expert" in these field, because you do, indeed, know how to use these resources wisely. They color everything from your interest in higher education topics to your moral beliefs and ethical principles -- literally the laws you live by.

Your real objective is to improve the quality of life for yourself and the world by generously sharing what you know. In this place you are a natural teacher, and your intellectual wealth is your greatest asset. That you offer it so magnanimously plants seeds of future Karma for you to harvest even as you gather up and add to the bounty you've created in the past.

In tackling the concerns of this house, you believe education and experience are essential. You are always expanding your information base and cultural horizons, looking to learn what works for other people -- and adding their strategies to your own. New ideas here excite you, because you are convinced knowledge is power.

Here you are concerned with Life's Big Picture ... and you like doing things in a big way. You believe "no guts, no glory" when it comes to take risks to support these interests. You know that's what it takes to hit a jackpot ... and believe you can easily recoup your losses. You believe privately (or publicly) that if the world would only follow your lead, it would be a far better, happier place. Considering the results you can show, it's hard to argue with that.




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