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Are You a Scorpio?
Is Your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Scorpio?

by Rebecca Brents


The depth and complexity of Water

Scorpio is a Water sign. Water signs are considered feminine, passive, reactive, receptive, introverted, and enduring. They attract experiences and "take advantage of opportunities" rather than creating circumstances independently.

Though able to act forcefully, they often prefer to "wait and see what happens" before making any moves. In addition to Scorpio, the other two water signs are Cancer and Pisces.


Scorpio is a the Fixed Water Sign

Scorpio is also a Fixed Sign. The Fixed Signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. These personalities tend to be noticeably stubborn, set in their ways, firm in their opinions, and resistant to change. They display stability, perseverance, resourcefulness, and resolve.

Scorpio energy and the characteristics of people born under the sign of Scorpio are important components in the overall process of life and creation. As with all the signs, Scorpio has its strong points, its sterling qualities, and its problem side.


So How Does Astrology Describe
The Scorpio Character?

In a nutshell:
  • Passionate, powerful, solitary
  • Not self-revealing, not easily known or understood
  • Resourceful, enterprising
  • Knows how to build mutually beneficial affiliations
  • Determined, unflinching, gives no quarter and expects none
Problematic Scorpio Qualities:
  • Secretive, ruthless, destructive, willful
  • Judgmental, controlling
  • Reluctant to delegate responsibility


Horoscopes for the Season of Scorpio
October 23 to November 22


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The Sun in Scorpio
Sun in Scorpio

* When the Sun is in Scorpio -- October 22 to November 21 ---> A time of transition and fundamental change ---> When the Sun is in Scorpio, people are more passionate, intense and resourceful. Their actions and attitudes are probing, focused, and aimed at doing "research" or uncovering unknown information.

* When the Sun is in Scorpio 2 -- Scorpio energy for real life ---> A change of moods and seasons ---> Around October 22 / 23 every year, the Sun moves into Scorpio. All sign changes bring different interests, different perspectives and moods, but the one between Libra and Scorpio is one of the most intense.

* Scorpio -- A Sign Unto Itself ---> Does this look cuddly to you? ---> The symbols of the Zodiac signs are an interesting assortment. Each is full of hints and subtext about the sign it represents. There's the hard-charging, hard-headed image of the Aries ram, the regal grandeur of the Leo lion, the chaste and finicky Virgo maiden.


More about the Sun in Scorpio

Making the Most of the Sun in Scorpio ---> The Gifts of the Sun in Scorpio ---> The energy of the Sun in Scorpio is passionate, willful, and intense.

Understanding The Sun in Scorpio ---> The Sun travels through the Astrology sign Scorpio once a year, a trip that lasts about a month. The Sun is in Scorpio from late October until late November. The energy of the Sun in Scorpio is passionate, willful and intense -- and accompanies a rise in these attitudes in everyone.

The Virtues and the Downside of The Sun in Scorpio ---> The Sun represents your ego, your basic sense of yourself. The sign it occupies in the Zodiac at any given time will focus you and your interests on certain "generic matters" represented by the sign itself.


Also about the Sun in Scorpio

While the Sun is in Scorpio -- Astro Advisories for Everyday Life ---> Scorpio's energy is both intensely passionate and intensely private. While the Sun is in Scorpio, connect with your deepest emotions ... the feelings you may never admit out loud. Face them squarely and feel their power.

* In the Spotlight -- The Sun in Scorpio ---> In Astrology, The Sun symbolizes your essential focus -- the personal growth steps this life contains ... and the larger life lessons you're working with now. Scorpio energy deals with powerful, irresistible emotions and desires, passionate feelings -- including sexual libido, and the creative drive that results from that.


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