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Changing Times / Changing Signs
Forecast for the Sun's transit of Scorpio 2016

by Rebecca Brents


Making changes

The Sun moved into powerful, portentous Scorpio on Oct 22. Mercury joined him less than two days later. They will switch places in the parade mid-day on the 27th, as Mercury passes the Sun to take the lead for a while.

When that happens, your mind becomes more assertive. You'll be quicker to say what you think and ask for what you want ... although with Scorpio hosting the party, you'll still hold a lot in reserve. Scorpio knows that knowledge is power, and he doesn't surrender his easily.

You're ready to make course corrections to improve how your life works when they become routine. They bring a new perspective, new conclusions about your place in life and where you want to land eventually. Some of these revisions are long overdue.


A matter of time and planning

Money matters are on your mind. The difference between what you get and what you deserve weighs heavily in your changing plans, with a new emphasis and new directions.

A serious resolve to get results now forms as November arrives. There's a difference between patiently waiting and patiently working, and you're ready to invest in the action option. The people and resources you need for this are ready to back you up.

There's a lot happening in the background this month, planning and preparation. Partners or "the public" have revealed new dimensions and potentials of ideas already in motion. But you need more groundwork to take things further.


All in good time

This means progress now isn't obvious, despite all your effort. But rushing something out early to impress the public isn't the answer either. You don't pull dessert out of the oven just because dinner guests are parking at the curb. Things take as long as they take. Rushing now is a recipe for disaster -- out onstage. The worst kind.

A powerful new idea or the discovery of important information will give your momentum a serious boost this month -- the kind you can coast on quite a distance. Knowledge is not only power, right now it's currency more valuable than cash.

It may take a few days for all the relevant bits to arrive ... and for you to process where they fit. You may need to mull over what all it tells you, and then organize it -- and your intentions -- differently to pull the most profit from this important shift.

This, too, is a kind of progress ... so you don't wind up just spinning your wheels. Remember this when you start to fret about wanting the pay-off now!

(c) 2016 Rebecca Brents and Enchanted Spirit. All rights reserved.


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Last updated October 27th, 2016

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