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Scorpio Rising *
When you have a Scorpio Ascendant

by Rebecca Brents




Willful and mysterious

You introduce yourself to the rest of the world as someone proud, willful, intense, and more than a little enigmatic. There is an air of reserve -- even secrecy - about you that virtually no one ever penetrates, because you as the keeper of the gate rarely trust another person to see and experience the workings of your inner self and the terrain of your passionate emotional landscape.

So this constant air of mystery clings to you, advertising your character as forceful, powerful, deliberate, and focused -- but at the same time making it clear there is more to you than meets the eye and more than you will ever willingly show. That others find you cryptic, intriguing -- even a little off-putting and intimidating -- is a tactic you use to dominate the world around you.

You are a person of unequaled willpower and fortitude, and you won't be denied your desires and objectives once you've put your mind to achieving something. In fact, your determination is frightening when something really matters to you, for you can -- and often do -- literally risk safety, security, and even life itself if that's what it takes to succeed.

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Horoscopes for the Season of Scorpio
October 23 to November 22

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* Scorpio -- The Interests and Attitudes -- of the 8th Zodiac Sign ---> Scorpio Dealing with transition and fundamental change ---> Scorpio contains a set of attitudes and perspectives that are closely aligned with the interests of Pluto and of the Natural 8th House. As the Sun (or any planet for that matter) transits Scorpio, all these basically merge and come up for for attention.

Scorpio: the 8th Sign of the Zodiac -- Combining Assets ---> A time of fundamental transition ---> Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac. It follows Libra in the Zodiacal line-up. As a rule, the range of Scorpio covers the time from October 23rd until November 22nd. It is a time of transition and permanent changes. It is associated with the ending of worn-out or exhausted conditions, revitalization of situations and relationships that need a new focus, and decisions to replace ....


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Scorpio is the Fixed Water Sign * ---> Scorpio is passionate ---> Scorpio is the Fixed Water sign. As a member of the Water element family, Scorpio has more than a passing acquaintance with passion, deep emotions, the feelings from which sweeping changes are born. What makes it so formidable ... and so dangerous ... is the stern containment of this power -- the characteristics of its Fixed sign qualities. The management of emotion is not a job for the weak of will ... or the weak of stomach.

* Born with the Sun in Scorpio -- The Scorpio Character ---> Scorpios handle a crucial phase of life's business ---> Scorpios have extremely important work to do in life, so I suppose it's only fair to indulge them for being so reserved and solitary. It's not easy being the most powerful sign in the Zodiac. All that potential is a tremendous responsibility. The contributions Scorpio makes, generation after generation, to the progress of humankind are undeniable ... and crucially important.

Understanding The Sun in Scorpio ---> The Sun travels through the Astrology sign Scorpio once a year, a trip that lasts about a month. The Sun is in Scorpio from late October until late November. The energy of the Sun in Scorpio is passionate, willful and intense -- and accompanies a rise in these attitudes in everyone. While the Sun travels through Scorpio, you may become unusually secretive, mysterious and solitary.



Pluto: Ruler of Scorpio ---> Pluto -- God of the Underworld ---> Pluto, with its bizarre, irregular orbit, is the last of the discovered planets in this Solar System which the basic metaphorical language of astrology contains. Occasionally it is the outermost of the known planets, although during part of its journey around the Sun it moves inside the orbit of Neptune.


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Sun in Scorpio -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology October 24, 2020 Sun in Scorpio ---> There's a spooky, strange apprehensive energy that accompanies the Scorpio Sun. The folklore of the time has noted & honored it for centuries. Holidays that deal with death & transition fall during Scorpio -- some with touches of contact with the spirit world thrown in for good measure ... like Samhain, Halloween, All Saints Day & Day of the Dead.




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