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Acting from the Center of the Sun
Acting from the Center of Yourself

by Annabelle Leigh


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It's not magic

Astrology is not about magic, or superstition or self-delusion. Essentially, Astrology is about symbolism ... knowing how to read the code of life that the patterns in the stars depict.

This is not because the planets and other heavenly bodies Astrology uses in its language are in certain signs or locations per se, but because certain cycles of life's creation we have yet to fully understand -- and yet to really define any other way -- occur with a rhythm and regularity that coincides "accidentally," if you want to look at it that way, with the travels of the stars and planets through certain Zodiac positions in the sky.

When you know the code, you can read the message. It really is as simple as that. Much of Astrology is based on the metaphors of real life, provable science, facts as solid as they come.

But from there the interweaving of scientific fact with symbolism, metaphor and mythology takes Astrology out of the category of hard science and puts it in the realm of mystical studies and sometimes even psychology, especially the kind Jung wrote about, crosses over into that borderland.



A matter of metaphors

But often, you don't even need to have studied Astrology in depth -- or at all -- to understand much of what it can tell you. Common sense, in fact, can be a very valuable ally.

Take the metaphors that surround the meaning of the Sun, for instance. The Sun, as we all know from basic science in elementary school, is the center of our solar system. All planets, including the Earth, revolve around it. Just that statement was revolutionary and dangerous back when it was first proposed.

Galileo faced the very real prospect of execution under the authority of the Catholic Church until he agreed to publicly recant his statement and disavow his findings that the Earth and other planets revolve around the Sun ... back when the Powers that Be had decided the Earth was "clearly" the center of the universe ... and were in no mood to hear assertions to the contrary.

In fact, it was only a few years ago that the Catholic Church finally, officially, agreed with that piece of basic science ... and in 1992 admitted Galileo was right, the Sun is, if not the "center of the universe" ... it is the center of our little piece of the universe.



The Sun -- the Center of it all

So, as the Sun is the center of the solar system -- around which all else orbits, so is The Sun the central element in a person's horoscope, and arguably the most important. (Although, yes, you will get legitimate argument about just how much weight it does and should carry.)

The Sun, through its metaphorical meaning, depicts your individuality, the essence of your being, the true Light of Spirit that animates you and illuminates your purpose. In its placement by sign and house, you can find answers about your true reason for being. It carries marvelous pieces of wisdom and insight.

Too often, pop astrology begins and ends with this Sun Sign essence, this glib description of what this or that personality is "like." And with that, the common use of this mystical science perhaps does Astrology as a legitimate subject of study and consideration more harm than good.

People hear that Libras are friendly, cooperative, and need partners, that Capricorns are career-obsessed, remote and judgmental. They agree with those descriptions based on their knowledge of people born under whatever sign ... and then dismiss the thoughts as either interesting -- or complete hokum.


sunrise and sea oats

The Essential Source

It's understandable, I guess. Most people are not in contact with their true nature, the essential source of power and drive that animates them -- and provides motives for their choices, ambitions, actions, or perspectives. Life for most people is almost a series of disconnected moments, a parade of passing feelings and thoughts that lack both coherence and cohesion.

They feel no glowing sense of purpose, take no pride in who they are and what they have. They have no understanding of the part they play in the great cavalcade of life's direction.

They fail to see ... and maybe even fail to make ... their contributions to the evolution of humankind. They scramble after "stuff" or "success" or "status" ... and rarely is spirit or meaning or ultimate value graced with a second thought.

They wander through lives of separate moments ... and never glimpse the greater whole, the Big Picture, and Cosmic View. But I don't know a single serious Astrologer who feels that way or lives that way. (In fact, ... how could they?) They see their Inner Selves and the Inner Selves of others.

They can instantly put motives, choices and statements in a helpful, interesting perspective when filtered through the lens of what they know is important to the person -- because of who he or she truly is. They see the coloring of Sun Sign essence mixed in amongst all the other shades ... and appreciate its presence -- even when dealing with an energy at odds with their own.


sunrise and sand

The Sun's energy

The Sun's energy and the qualities it will express in a person's character -- and show most eloquently in his Natal Chart provides a focus, a starting point for understanding and describing a personality -- and what enlivens it.

Through the Sun's vitality and intent, a reader examining a horoscope finds integration and coordination of the person's many and intriguing qualities, a way to comprehend and appreciate the many facets of his being. The Sun represents ambition, power, will, self-identity and the essential drive to be recognized, to have impact, to be important.

The person who works with and comes at life through the qualities of his Sun Sign is already aligned with his spiritual purpose, and living in ways that honor the person he truly is. It is virtually impossible to describe the boost behind a life conducted this way. It is one of those things you have to experience to appreciate.

And once you have, you may never go back to that place of "quiet desperation" and aimless wandering again. If you do, I think you always know you compromised, you lost something important, you went against the grain ... and knew better at the time.


Your Sun Sign potential

To tap your Sun Sign potential is to find the center of your genuine being, the expression of your True Self. It is a position of amazing strength. The self-understanding and self-acceptance that naturally follows can be healing, empowering, transforming ... a literal miracle. To find that center is to touch the heart of your destiny.

(Is it any wonder the Sun in Astrology rules the heart of the physical body?) You will never see yourself -- or anyone else -- in the same way again. It carries the potential for peace, tolerance and a step up to a higher level of life and learning.

The Sun's energy is an indispensable source of spiritual fuel, and in its presence, one's life purpose emerges with breath-taking clarity. I have seen these moments of change and comprehension in my clients. They are a gift absolutely everyone deserves. They are the gift Astrology itself offers the world. And some of us have sense enough to see it.


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* Interpreting the Sun in Your Horoscope ---> The Sun ---> Represents the inner self Your inherent sense of purpose, destiny or importance in life Ego, drive, willpower, ambition Your individual self-expression Your sense of personal identity What you strive to be How you seek to gain attention ---> The Sun expressing positively ---> Ambitious, confident, creative, dignified, dynamic, generous, honorable, influential, loyal, noble, a leader ....


Sun Aspects

What Do Sun Aspects Show? -- The Presence and Behavior of Your Inner Selves ---> You and your self-expression ---> All aspects to the Sun affect how the person, entity or event you're examining expresses itself ... and how it is perceived. If you have aspects to the Sun in your Natal Chart -- and chances are you do, an unaspected Sun is rare but not impossible -- it shows influences from your family of Inner Selves that affect your self expression. Planets that aspect your Sun shape your sense of who you are -- your self identity.


The Transiting Sun

* Notes on The Transiting Sun ---> The moving picture of you ---> Aspects that involve the Sun ... whether we're speaking of the Sun in your Natal Chart or the transiting Sun in the sky ... always involve issues of self-identity, personal ambition, your willpower, and ways in which you want to have impact on the world ... and feel important. Wherever the Sun is involved, you are looking to shine.

* Understanding Transiting Sun Energy -- Things to know about the transiting Sun's -- behavior, position and influence ---> The traveling Sun ---> The Sun represents your ego, your basic sense of who you are. In Astrology, the Sun symbolizes your self-image and your self-identity. Your Sun Sign, obviously, tells what sign the Sun was traveling through on the day you were born. The Sun in the sky, however, travels through all twelve signs of the Zodiac in the course of a year.


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From EDA: The Sun ---> Everyday Astrology ---> March 15, 2020 ---> The Sun ---> Just as the Sun is the physical center of our Solar System, so the Sun in Astrology is the center of attention in a horoscope. It provides a starting point for an Astrologer to begin interpreting the essential qualities of a person's character or a situation -- whatever that particular chart happens to examine. The pivotal energy of a person or event starts there -- with the Sun's sign & location.

From EDA: The Sun and The Moon ---> Everyday Astrology ---> March 30, 2020 Sun & Moon ---> The Sun in your horoscope represents your Essential Self, the inner part of your character that defines your personality and ego. It is your basic identity to the world as your life unfolds. Arguably it also describes your spiritual purpose ... your sense of who you are and who you are meant to become. It is your present self reaching into the future as you develop your potential and talents.


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