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Born with the Sun in Aquarius
The Aquarius Character

by Rebecca Brents


The symbol of Aquarius is the water-carrier.

With a little help from your friends

Friends play a very special part in the life of an Aquarius. In fact, for you, they make life worth living -- because they help make your contributions to the rest of the world possible. A cluster of dependable friends are indispensable to the aims of Aquarius.

In your Aquarius list of contacts will be folks with an amazing diversity of talents -- and you are always adding more names to the collection. When something needs doing, or your plans hit a snag ... Aquarius knows exactly who to call to straighten matters out again.


Aquarius is the Winter Air Sign

Networking is your specialty

In fact, when anyone in the group of your acquaintances and associates needs an "expert" . . . you, Aquarius, with your far-flung net of names and specialties, are the first person they call. Forget the Yellow Pages. Aquarius can match needs with competent craftsmen in an astonishing variety of fields. For you, Aquarius, people helping people is what life is all about.

So when it comes to attending a party in your honor . . . well, the guest list could be long and the gathering quite extensive. Not only might it include convivial friends who know you well, but also the beneficiaries of your efforts to "make life better for everyone."

And since you don't do things on a small scale, since your ambitions for progress include schemes that could touch the lives of people -- even generations -- you will never personally know ... well, you can see maybe why the list lengthens.


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Idealists and visionaries

Aquarians are the intellectual avant-garde -- carriers and proponents of ideals, progress, advancement and new ways of doing things. They don't speak with reverence when mentioning tradition, history, set patterns, and "the way things have always been done."

They value history for bringing humanity as far as it's come ... but they know that only with innovative, inventive thinking and clever applications of knowledge will humanity go further, reaching always toward the full expression of its ever-expanding destiny.


Improving the quality of life

The job of Aquarius is to keep the brain-cells honed and humming, to offer those imaginative, resourceful, and ingenious successors to the tried and true methods that have done well in the past, but that, with advancements and new discoveries, have become passe.

While emphatically dedicated to the advancement of the group and to insuring the best future and best quality of life for all humankind, Aquarians as people are notoriously eccentric, independent, individualistic spirits. They are the free-thinking dreamers who constantly ask "why? ... what if? ... and why not?"


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Independent and extraordinary

They will not be pinned down, fenced-in, caged up, limited by physical circumstances or forced to conform. They are the most rebellious and unpredictable souls in the Zodiac.

They are friendly, outgoing, social, democratic -- but also strangely detached and impersonal for the espousers of such noble concepts as universal brotherhood and the ability of science to build an ever-improved future in a better and better world.


A walking contradiction

In true Aquarian fashion, a closer look may reveal the odd paradox of an energy truly enchanted with and loving toward the concept of humanity, but less able to love individual people so intensely. All that emphasis on mental virtues and intellectual constructs often leaves things such as heart issues and empathetic compassion less well-developed.

Still, an Aquarian will exercise and insist upon his own uniqueness, his standing as a true original in the conduct of his life and the expression of his ideas. He will also champion those concepts for every other person on the planet.


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Playing by his own rules

At heart, he wants nothing more than for everyone to march freely to whatever different drummers are heard in the vast symphony of life. Aquarius himself certainly struts to his own very distinct and often contrary tune, and the democrat in him believes in the unalienable right of others to do the same.

In the pursuit of building a better world for mankind to enjoy, Aquarius is not terribly concerned with upholding hard and fast rules or insisting on the constraints of artificial order.


Order is just a temporary phase

To Aquarius, rules are often highly flexible -- and possibly expedient -- notions. Aquarians figure if rules make life easier and more enjoyable, great. When they stop doing that, then it's time to get rid of them. Aquarius is known for living by his own laws -- and standing fast on his right to do without interference.

As for order, Aquarius knows that order itself is a temporary state -- often nothing more than an illusion. One solid truth about life, the universe, the physical world, and the mental one is this: everything is constantly changing. For that reason, order itself is just an idea.


Let Astrology Be Your Helpful Companion.

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That's what makes life fun

Only for the smallest instant are things ever actually in order. Most of the time they are either moving closer to that moment or moving away from it, back toward chaos, change, restructuring, and the beginnings of a different kind of order altogether next time.

Aquarius people know this. They are part of what makes the progression happen. They understand the vast scope of this process very well. And they think the existence of a multi-faceted, every changing order in the scheme of life is exciting ... and perfectly fine.


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Born with the Sun in Aquarius -- The Aquarius Character ---> The symbol of Aquarius is the water-carrier. -- With a little help from your friends -- Friends play a very special part in the life of an Aquarius. In fact, for you, they make life worth living -- because they help make your contributions to the rest of the world possible. A cluster of dependable friends are indispensable to the aims of Aquarius.


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