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Born with the Sun in Libra
The Libra Character

by Rebecca Brents


Libra is about pairs and partnership

The social sign ...

Libras don't do well as singles. They feel incomplete without another half in their life -- another person to whom they feel profoundly connected and intimately involved.

They need other people, so a well-functioning Libra will also be skilled in all the little social graces and interpersonal courtesies that make relationships work smoothly for everyone.


Side by side

Libras feel adrift and unfocused without a partner ... more so than any other sign, and the keen observer of human commerce (itself a very Libra interest) will notice this constantly.

Libras speak in terms of "we" ... as if they speak for "the partnership," even when the opinion, or experience, or anecdote is theirs alone. They aren't comfortable with dissent in the ranks. They want agreement, accord, a united front to present to the world.


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Better together

It's as if they feel naked without that kind of support to turn to and rely on. They are more attuned than any other sign to the views, perspectives, beliefs, ambitions, desires and foibles of the "other" in their lives.

This makes for an automatic intimacy between a Libra and the partner. But it also can show a strange kind of assimilation ... as if two people no longer exist, but instead a composite has formed ... and extrication back into two individuals instead of this strange new multi-faceted entity can be sticky.


When boundaries blur

In a Libra alliance, it can be hard for the partners to tell where one leaves off and the other begins. Clearly this creates boundary issues, made more complex because the "merging" -- even when it's unhealthy -- can feel so right to the Libra half of the pair.

Libras deal in compromise and cooperation ... the very things that smooth transactions with those essential companions. They are also concerned with popularity and approval ... and know how to obtain these. This makes them especially suited to working with the public.


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Finding common ground

Libras are natural arbiters, peacemakers and strategists. They have strong talents as writers and counselors, because they can see another point of view and work from it as clearly as their own ... when they know what their own is.

That's not as easy as it sounds. The dividing line blurs often in their focus on consensus -- that common ground where they want to stand. For this reason, and because they can hold multiple views at once -- and believe devoutly in either (It often depends on which is most popular or convenient.), Libras can be ambivalent, indecisive ... and wishy-washy.


Decisions, decisions

The truth is, they want options. To them, another to add to the stack is not the problem it is for some. To the Libras, more options mean more possibilities. And as one of the intellectual Air signs, they find this all vastly entertaining.

This trait makes them interested in fairness, justice, 50-50 propositions and "everybody pulling his own weight and doing his share." Occupations where they are agents or representatives for others are a natural fit, such as law, sales, advertising and contract negotiation.


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Concerned with appearances

Libras can be beautifully cultured, charming and concerned with appearances -- which -- is a plus in those professions. They want things to be nice, pleasant, congenial and gracious

Libras opt for serenity, even at the cost of more important qualities and conditions in the long run. They have to be careful not to smile and schmooze their way into serious problems -- and "compromises," just to avoid making waves.


Just trying to get along

Libras love harmony and peace, and, along with their sociable natures, go generous helpings of dignity, polish and refinement. They are conscientious, but can prefer tact over truth for the sake of not hurting anyone's feelings.

Their desire to see all sides "win" in a conflict makes them wonderful diplomats ... but this also makes it hard for Libras to take a firm stand (especially an unpopular one -- unless the principle deals with equity and justice) and stick to it.


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Peace at any price

They are too quick to bend for the sake of peace and goodwill. Abe Lincoln may have known you can't please all the people all the time ... but Libras keep trying anyway.

Libras believe in balance, but go to extremes searching for that elusive middle-of-the-road level playing field. Ironically, this interferes with that quiet, orderly, companionable life they so desire.


Partners ... almost perfect

For all their good intentions, they can be a trial to deal with long-term ... but as friends, hosts, or occasional companions, they are most accommodating.

That relationships are essential to them inevitably means issues to work through in anything considered permanent. It goes with the territory.

But for an affectionate, considerate, elegant, sympathetic and romantic comrade on life's journey, someone interested in a partner who will be interested in him could find a Libra soul is the perfect mate.


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