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Changing Times / Changing Signs
Forecast for the Sun's transit of Aquarius 2017

by Rebecca Brents


Feeling your own spirit of independence

The Sun arrived in Aquarius on January 19, on a world where the trademark Aquarius spirit of independence and individuality is already thriving and strong.

The Moon, however, had just passed over Jupiter -- a planet that invites "extreme" responses, made a sextile to Saturn -- showing resolve and organization, and was floating through its void-of-course routine as the Sun changed signs. So, emotions are running high in a very obvious and public way. But, not much will come of them, at least not this month.

The Aquarius Sun itself has a long way to go before it finds its first aspect -- a sextile with the sign's own ruler, Uranus on February 9. That will infuse some originality and new insights into your plans for action ... and offer you new options for blazing your independent path.

Meanwhile, there's a lot of drifting and dithering, as if you need to find your footing, sort out your thoughts, and really decide where to go and what to do next -- and taking your time on that now could be a good idea. Dramatic actions that attract a lot of attention but gain you no practical ground really do waste a lot of energy and other assets you could put to better use. Just be aware.


Charged up and going nowhere

So while the spirit is willing -- and passions are turbo-charged, turn your efforts to planning and reflection. Observe, ponder ... and above all be objective. Background work on your personal schemes and intentions is well-supported and that will gain you results when the time is right -- if you do your homework. Be restrained but open-minded.

Figure out what you really want ... and the most effective way to get that. Even prayer -- if you're so inclined -- would be helpful. Interesting insights show up regularly when you're willing to ask Source for help.

A major change in your present directions -- and thoughts -- based on new information and new convictions could reveal itself as January comes to a close. For you to see, literally everything, in a whole new light is not at all out of the question. Since this month is already one for pacing yourself and marking time ... give yourself that extra measure of latitude before you set anything in motion.


A charitable spirit

An unusual spirit of grace and charity marks your social relationships, cooperative ventures and financial decisions this month. You are in one of the most generous, selfless moods you've seen in a very long time. The desire to do what you can to help people other than yourself is major theme -- and that will intensify as February arrives.

But real action on any of these generous impulses won't come together for a while. Venus retrogrades in Aries starting in early March, before it makes exact contact with Mars. This puts your heart in the right place, but real follow-through isn't something to count on.

Venus won't conjunct Mars until early in October -- in Virgo. This brings more practical and useful help to your efforts to be of service. Less spiritual charity ... more helping hands and elbow grease is maybe the best way to describe it. Maybe the generous gestures can provide a platform to build on later this year. In any case, enjoy them while they last.


But not much action ... yet

Mars is void-of-course in Pisces as the Sun's travels through Aquarius begins -- another indicator that action will much more focused on fantasies and ideals than anything concrete. Mars first aspect when it gets into Aries is the square with Pluto in Capricorn -- on March 22. The Sun will be in Pisces by then ... so we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.


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