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Changing Times / Changing Signs
Forecast for the Sun's transit of Aries 2017

by Rebecca Brents



Welcome to Spring!

The Sun arrived in Aries early this year. Three comrades were there to greet him. This month, instead of a void-of-course Moon, the Sagittarius Moon was literally within minutes of its last aspect -- a conjunction with powerful Saturn.

This month, you can make up for the last two. Make decisions and get stuff done. Organization and ambition are strong. You'll build a clear vision of what to achieve and how to do it.


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Walking your talk -- living by your beliefs -- is a solid priority. Time spent getting your act together has proved how vital that is. You're firm now in your philosophy, so show it off. Be an example. Life itself will prove your points -- right or wrong. Either way, you need to know. Be authentic. Have integrity. It's time.

Plenty of action ahead this month. Partners and allies show up early, pushing their own agendas and ready to help with yours. Talk with them. Share ideas. Listen to what they propose.

Action supported by planning -- and people to back you up -- is a lot more robust than the other kind. Make the most of what you have. You'll welcome a new level of freedom and courage as Aries ends ... mid-to-late April.



First ... be honest

Your mind is energized -- almost combative. You're ready to say what you think and ask for what you want with a no-holds-barred honesty that is itself a paving stone to success.

Expect breakthrough insights and ingenious solutions to problems toward the end of March / beginning of April. You'll want to revisit these again in early May. There's more wealth to mine here than you see at first. Maybe it takes time to believe in what you've built -- or appreciate what you find.

You'll scramble to keep up with your own ideas, so you'll need another overview soon. But if you want practical uses and solid results, you'll find plenty. Demonstrate what you've learned and teach what you know. Other minds can fertilize yours!

Turning inspiration into assets -- if that's your goal -- comes easy in April, but the real harvest comes in very late May / early June. So, if you don't get results right away, be patient. You're not necessarily on the wrong track, but you will need to rethink and refine your approach until it gives what you're after.



Take stock

Redefine your values, reassess what's important, from now until mid-May. Consider your resources and your people. Are they what you need to improve life and move forward? What's their part? What's yours? What do you need to find, create, build, learn or reconfigure? What do you want to do from here? Answers help you focus. Honesty is key. It's silly to fool yourself.



Give your all

Starting in April, act from the best that's in you. Be practical and visionary. Those attitudes cooperate well. By mid-month you'll see a difference. Adjustments to line up your next step will be easy. Even if you've waited a long time, you'll see how to make them happen. Belief in yourself makes the difference. Take a breath and watch yourself in motion.


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