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Forecast for the Sun's transit of Capricorn 2016 / 17


Reconsidering your options

The Sun arrived in Capricorn on Dec 21. Two days earlier, Mercury turned retrograde there. He'll backtrack over old ground until January 8. In plain English, the last half of December and almost all of January will bring a time of rethinking, refocus and new decisions about career directions, professional efforts ... and the whole question of "what do I want to do with my life in general" -- for everyone.

Recent changes in the world -- and in your world -- have muddied the waters in some areas, brought new clarity in others. (What one hand takes away, the other gives back equally -- and more. It's a metaphysical law.)

Your options hinge now on this question: "How do I best present myself, my views and ideas, my beliefs and my talents, to gain an audience of helpful allies ... and acquire the respect I know I deserve?" Your answers will decide your future course.

An unexpected discovery about the power of words, the power of information itself, will bring answers and shape your choices. Adopt the quiet voice of authority and assurance ... and stand your ground. This alone gives you stature and status. The rest will follow naturally. Because it must.


Finding new freedoms

A new spirit of freedom settles into your financial interests and partnerships. Insights arrive in bursts of intellectual brilliance. Problems seem to magically solve themselves. The value of your partners builds daily in transactions great and small.

Friendship and the common ground of mutual goals make your alliances substantial assets. Even working independently, you still pull together ... in the same direction, toward the same target.

Surprising sources of income and revenue, or revised budgeting that hands you more discretionary money could be another bonus. Stronger together is actually a solid truth. And you don't have to be joined at the hip to make that happen. Chalk it up to a change in values. That's where the credit belongs.


Just do it

Ideas, information, knowledge and communication are "where the action is" this month. There's a smooth link between making a decision and acting on it. Ideas are visionary, exciting, intuitive and full of imagination. They bring actions that are generous, compassionate, sensitive -- in line with your spiritual principles, and surprisingly selfless.

Usually, actions, of all life's features, have a clear component of self-interest. This month is a big exception. Maybe it's the holiday spirit. Maybe it's the tenuous doings in high places that prompt such charity. Maybe it's all those messages about sowing seeds of good Karma coming home finally. Whatever the cause ... let it happen!! You have everything to gain. Prove it to yourself.

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When the Sun is in Capricorn ---> When the Sun is in Capricorn, people are conservative, deliberate, dignified and determined. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is winter, after all -- and everyone needs to make it from here to Spring. Consequently, actions and attitudes are frugal, methodical, organized and steady. The mood is serious, practical, responsible, and prudent.

The Sun in General -- Your Essential Self of Power, Will, Vitality and Ambition ---> In Astrology, The Sun represents your basic core identity. It gives information about the qualities of your ego, your individual self-expression, your self-image and your sense of personal identity.

When Mercury is in Capricorn -- Your Intellectual Self in the Sign of Professional Focus and Public Life Interests ---> When Mercury is in Capricorn, ideas are cautious, conservative and serious. People think about prestige, reputation, and honor for professional accomplishments. This energy is deliberate and disciplined.

Mercury in General -- Your Inner Selves of Learning and Work ---> Like Venus, your Mercury energy describes two inner selves. One manages your mind and all its talents; the other is in charge of the work you do ... the ways you use your skills and abilities to help others and build the kind of life your want for yourself. Again, as with Venus, these are usually reduced to the basic categories of "mind" and "work," but they also include whole subdivisions of behavior and talents.

When Venus is in Aquarius -- Your Resource Manager and Inner Partner In the Sign of Progressive Ideas and Sudden Insights ---> When Venus is in Aquarius, people are adventurous, inventive, and unorthodox in their relationships. They use altruism, compassion, creativity, friendliness, and imagination to attract love.

When Mars is in Pisces -- Your Action Self -- In the Sign of Spirituality and Compassion ---> When Mars is in Pisces, people become creative, peaceful and retiring. Actions, fueled by intuition and profound emotions, are visionary and transcendent. Attitudes are compassionate, sensitive, idealistic, imaginative, and sympathetic. This energy supports artistic interests, personal creativity, the need to retreat into meditation and memories, and actions fueled by information from the wise resources of the subconscious mind.

Mars in General -- Your Inner Self of Action, Initiative and Self-Assertion ---> In Astrology, Mars represents physical energy, your ability to take action and your instincts for self-assertion and aggression. Mars supports your independence and your ability to set goals and achieve them.

Horoscopes When the Sun is in Capricorn -- December 21 through January 19 ---> Aries -- Career issues are on the front burner for you this month. It's time to take stock of your achievements, demonstrate your competence, offer people the wisdom of your experience ... and sow the seeds of new ventures that will secure the future you desire.


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