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Changing Times / Changing Signs
Forecast for the Sun's transit of Leo 2017

by Rebecca Brents


lyin in the sun

Your life is your art

Your creative skills and talents are in the spotlight for the next 4+ weeks. What pieces of yourself are you ready to develop and put on display? What artistic efforts, pet projects or brain-children are up for a public showing?

What are you working on that has your fingerprints, your personality, your special style all over it? Where do you want respect, attention and applause? How are you looking to shine? Which of your special gifts need promotion?

Those are on the agenda as The Sun travels through Leo. Right now your plans are precise and practical. You have a path to take. You know how you want to proceed. This will change next month, but presently, you have a vision. Take some steps ... and see where they lead.


Astrology chart

Your path through Leo this year
Honoring yourself

The New Moon in Leo formed on July 23rd. It puts the next month's focus squarely on you -- your talents, your creative gifts, your special personality and what you can contribute with it. You're ready to do some stuff, make progress, put yourself out there -- and show off the things you love to do.

Ambition is not the problem. For about 2 weeks the problem is focus ... and direction ... and answering the question, "Where do I go from here?" Being all fired up with nowhere to go can leave you frustrated, impatient and angry.

Instead, use the time to take stock. Do an inventory. What is your life about? What you want it to say about you. What do you love? What makes you special? Why are you proud to be you?

Once you've figured out these basics, you'll know the example you set. You'll know what you want to promote, why your contributions have value and the art you create with your actions and choices. There are things only you can do, things only you can do so well, things you do with a unique, unmistakable style. If you're seeking your purpose ... start there. Some of this you were born with; some of it you weren't. All of it makes you ... YOU.

Until August 11, you may simply drift and dream and look inward ... while you wait for a sign -- or the right motivation. But this, too has a purpose. You may ask questions and find answers that reveal unexplored layers of depth and purpose. You'll learn there is more to you than you imagined ... certainly more than you saw at first.

This broader vision, a sense of purpose, the freedom to be authentic, and the honor of really knowing yourself could be the best gift you've had in a long time. Call it this year's legacy. You'll find plenty to do with it, once you get started. Take the time you need.


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Gettin' down to business ...

After July 26, your ideas are less fueled by ego and personal perspective and more by logic, precision and critical analysis. This is a good thing. The creative fire of your personality is great for generating raw material and brainstorming inspiration, but then you need to sift through the pile and pick out the plums.

The clarity alone will provide good motivation. You'll see what's worth working with -- and what to leave behind ... at least for now. A major editing effort begins Aug. 12 and lasts for several weeks as Mercury retrogrades in Virgo.

You'll look carefully at your plans, at the work involved in what you propose and find ways to streamline it. You may have a lot on your plate ... and being more efficient, more discerning in what you tackle ... and finding ways to do more faster and with less effort is simply necessary. Give this intellectual overhaul the attention it deserves, too.


summer field of flowers
Course correction

The end of July is a sober, even lonely time. Relationships seem cool. Other people are distant. Partners are either missing, or busy or just not into you and your concerns. Finances are a little strained. You're looking to economize wherever you can until next payday. Even then, most of what comes may already be spent. Life itself feels unsympathetic, depressing ... and hard.

Around Aug 1 though, new channels open up. Good news arrives. Sources of support ease some of your budget problems. Company and cash arrive from unexpected places ... and surprise you.

Pay attention to home and family. What would be more comfortable and pleasing? What keeps you safe? What's on the minds of loved ones and kin? How can you be more "there" for them? What would help everybody win?

As Virgo arrives around Aug 22, a power struggle erupts -- maybe over money, maybe over shared expectations and responsibilities. In there is the ancient conflict between work and family, office and home, career and domestic concerns. Solving this once never seems to stick -- and here it is again.

Maybe it asks bigger questions -- like what kind of foundations to you need ... and how do these help you do what you want to do with your life? Maybe finding those answers would bring a more lasting peace. Worth a try.


summer road

Hurry up ... and wait

Ambition is powerful this month, full of fire and passion. Your projects, your efforts -- your special creative skills -- have moved to the head of the line. Things that require you and your talents to take shape and come alive are no longer willing to wait.

But there's a delay in finding direction. You may lack focus beyond the desire to make a statement.. Connections from allies who support your goals will supply this, but that won't happen before the 20th ... and maybe not before the 22nd as we wait for the second New Moon in Leo this year to come together and boost self-confidence to the necessary heights.

The right allies -- or at least contact with the right kind of minds and thinkers -- will be a vital treasure. From there you'll find organization, creative license ... and once The Sun reaches Virgo (the afternoon of the 22nd), you'll also find the discernment to see what's all pomp and puffery ... and what's worth your time and investment to make it happen. Real progress comes then. Look for results in late September ... and more in October / November. (Remember, I said there would be a delay!)


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