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Changing Times / Changing Signs
Forecast for the Sun's transit of Libra 2016

by Rebecca Brents


Looking for Balance

The Sun moved into friendly, congenial Libra on Sep 22. Mercury, less than 8 hours out of retrograde in Virgo, stood quietly, catching his breath, before starting his chase in the other direction.

So expect the logical, objective frame of mind that's been around since late August to continue. You'll make decisions based on practical considerations more than feelings.

You want more balance in life. You especially want a schedule with time for partners and friendly face-time with colleagues, talking about something besides the next burning item on the day's agenda. Libra's Sun will help with that. It's time to tend your relationships, and enlist the help and ideas to finish your plans.


Considering changes

Lately, you've thought about changes that affect your daily life, schedule, habits and work. You want to be more efficient and thrifty with the time spent on your jobs -- both those you do for money and those you do for love. You need to do more with less ... but still gain more profit for you.

Talk about a challenge!! No wonder you've spent two months figuring how to make this happen. Cooperation from your people will help. So will combining forces and assets, merging your skills, talents and investment capital with those of partners -- people who have resources you both can use to improve life for everyone.

"Better together" isn't just a campaign slogan; it's really true. Sharing the load makes lighter work of heavy chores. Other people -- maybe different people -- are important to you now. But their presence (and contributions) bring a different focus ... and different responsibilities for you to handle.


Getting organized

Ventures that started small and manageable several months ago have grown into all you can handle. They support your new plans and changing directions, but they also keeps you haulin' from dawn 'til dark. Since you're just one person with finite energy and only 24 hours a day, somethin's got to give.

So get organized. Cut back on non-essentials ... and take chores one-at-a-time. This gains you more than trying to do everything at once. You'll see that as September ends. You'll also make a major course correction to your life around mid-October. It will be the most productive month you've had in a while. When the invitation arrives, go with it.

(c) 2016 Rebecca Brents and Enchanted Spirit. All rights reserved.


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Last updated October 27th, 2016

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