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* Changing Times / Changing Signs
Forecast for the Sun's transit of Libra 2020

by Rebecca Brents


Astrology chart
The Libra Ingress 2020

Welcome to Libra

Libra is concerned with relationships, partnerships, alliances, your connections to "other people" in life ... including the general public. Often there is some legal, psychological or cultural connection involved with the way you work with your Libra energy and its people. It is the first sign where you really start to take other people -- their presence, needs, wants, ambitions, etc. -- into account in the way you think and behave.

With the Sun's arrival here ... in the Zodiac's 7th Sign, these are the issues onstage for the next month. Learn more about Libra here: ---> Libra

The Sun moves into Scorpio
October 22

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Sun energy = personal focus, ambition, willpower
Forecast for the Sun's Transit of Libra 2020
The Sun moves into Scorpio October 22

Mercury energy = intellect, information, learning, ideas
* Forecast for Mercury's Transit of Scorpio 2020
Mercury Rx moves back into Libra October 27

Venus energy = relationships, allies, $$$, assets, pleasure, things you enjoy
Forecast for Venus' Transit of Virgo 2020
Venus moves into Libra on October 27.

Mars energy = physical energy, ability to work, self-defense, aggression
Forecast for Mars' Transit of Aries 2020
Mars retrogrades in Aries September 11.
Mars turns direct again on November 14.


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Sun in Libra -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology September 22, 2020 Sun in Libra ---> Libra is the 7th sign of the Zodiac -- halfway around the circle, the polarity of Aries. The Sun's arrival in Libra marks the Autumnal Equinox -- the day when the hours of darkness & the hours of light balance. This happens somewhere around September 21 every year -- give or take a day.

* What Makes Libra Special? -- Halfway around the year ---> In Libra, we become more aware of other people and our need for close connections. Libra is the shift in consciousness and focus that leads to shut-down, closure ... and ultimately, renewal. ---> Halfway home ---> Of course all the signs are unique and special, each for different reasons. But in the line-up of creative energies that describe life's total experience, some have a little extra luster. Libra is one of these.

* Born with the Sun in Libra -- The Libra Character ---> Welcome to Libra!! ---> It's your birthday, Libra, and let me guess. One of your friends tried to throw you a surprise party, but because you have so many friends, one of them spilled the beans. You found out all the details, and so you've been in on the planning from the very start. You know all the goings-on in your social circle ....


Do You Have the Sun in Libra? -- What happens when you're born right on the cusp? ---> What's your sign? ---> Do you have The Sun in Libra? If you were born between September 22 and October 22, you likely have a Libra Sun in your Natal Chart. But, the beginning and end dates can be a little ragged because the celestial schedule and human calendars don't always synch.

Making the Most of the Sun in Libra ---> The Gifts of the Sun in Libra ---> The energy of the Sun in Libra is cooperative, diplomatic, and gracious. It encourages teamwork and compromise. It brings a desire for partnerships,connections, and alliances. ---> When the Sun is in Libra

The Virtues and the Downside of the Sun in Libra ---> The Sun represents your ego, your basic sense of yourself. The sign it occupies in the Zodiac at any given time will focus you and your interests on certain "generic matters" represented by the sign itself. You are also more likely to experience and express the personal characteristics represented by the sign involved than at other times of the year.


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