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Changing Times / Changing Signs
Forecast for the Sun's transit of Pisces 2017

by Rebecca Brents


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Overwhelmed and drifting

The Sun arrived in Pisces February 18, to find its trademark kindness and compassion seem more lost than ever in the chaos of politics, uncertainty and change. You are part of the confusion.

Once again, a void-of-course Moon sits at the top of the chart -- glowering like an angry god. Once again, emotions are running high -- and deep. Less obvious, but more powerful than ever. Brooding, secretive, plotting, resentful ... and lonely. Lots of feeling. Lots of frustration.


Astrology chart


The altered emotional tone makes little difference. All this power won't yield many results. All this caged emotion needs direction. You must decide to make some moves. So far, that's not happening. There's an odd sensation of waiting, marking time all month.

Your Inner Selves are watching to see where things settle before making plans or taking action. The "wait and see" approach can be a good one.

The Pisces Sun has 12° -- 12 days -- before finding its first aspect, a conjunction with nebulous Neptune, Pisces' ruler. For action, this is no help at all. Despite three planets in Aries, it doesn't incite a Pisces Sun.

February's end brings ideas about changes to the rules you live by. A different self-image and different objectives invite different options. When the rules change, everything shifts, but legalities, loyalty to convention and tradition, and maybe your own lagging philosophy hold you back. It's not easy to alter beliefs you've had all your life.



Breaking out, speaking up, finding your voice

Mental energy has been a long time in the background, observing, formulating ideas, drawing conclusions, collecting important data about the "new reality." After March 8 -- innovative solutions find a voice. Your own ideas will amaze you.

Better still, others join the conversation. The extra allies -- doing their own work in their own way -- are just the morale-boost you need to say what's on your mind, pick up your laptop, and find an audience that confirms you are not alone.

March 13, a transcendent attitude arrives, bearing gifts. To see what you're up against from The Big Picture can be a real epiphany -- handing you a wisdom you don't have now and wouldn't get another way. Trust your intuition. Listen.


winter barn

Revved up ... but going nowhere

Social relationships, cooperative ventures and financial choices are honest and proactive. Your allies and people you meet have energy to spare, energy to burn. Discovering what can happen with this new spirit of unity will take study and reflection.

Venus retrogrades in Aries March 4 -- time to reconsider and redefine your values. It lasts more than a month, and in the end, you'll have a better view of who your people are and what's important to you, but a lot of the momentum and original promise will be gone.

Don't blame yourself if it feels like it was squandered ... a rare opportunity lost. Your situation will be different -- and you will have changed.

If you wonder where it all went wrong, the answer is ... it wasn't a mirage. It just wasn't meant to be. Same difference -- in a way.


ice fall

Time for a different approach

Independent action will prove aggression and belligerence only strengthen your opposition. And you may hurt yourself butting your head on stone walls. You will score points, but at great cost. March 10 -- time to regroup. Slow, steady pressure ... and passive resistance to whatever interferes ... will gain you more ground -- and profit. Use these instead.


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