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Introducing Libra

by Annabelle Leigh


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autumn leaves

The Seventh Sign

The Sun moves into Libra somewhere around September 23 every year, and travels there about until October 22. The Sun's entry into Libra marks the Autumnal Equinox -- the day when the hours of light and darkness are equal. In the northern hemisphere, this marks the first day of Autumn ... the beginning of Fall.

With the arrival of Libra, we've come halfway around the circle of the Zodiac. All the signs up to this point, since our journey began in Aries have had a more or less strictly personal viewpoint. But with Libra, we begin building a different perspective. Here, our orientation to life become more social -- and ultimately more universal. So, Libra, the 7th Sign of the Zodiac marks a significant shift in our soul's development.


autumn scene

The Sign of Partners

In coping with Life, we're no longer "just in it for ourselves." Libra requires us to acknowledge the existence of other people and accommodate them as well.

(And any placements you have in your horoscope from Libra through to Pisces makes this new orientation more necessary & more explicit. This means any planets in Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces -- take you "out of yourself" ... by design.) Just as Aries, the polar opposite of Libra, is self-centered, pushy and independent, Libra is other-oriented, diplomatic & social.

The differences & comparisons don't stop there. Aries is ruled by Mars, the Warrior planet. Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love. Libra emphases harmony & pleasure. Aries highlights independence & self-assertion. (And yet, these two signs often find one another attractive & compelling. Go figure.)


autumn leaves

Promoting peace & harmony

Libras are charmers. There is a distinctive grace and graciousness in their character, an aura that could be called charisma. No, it's not the ego-based, dramatic and colorful charisma of Leo. Nor is it the solid statement of power and authority that comes with Capricorn. Yes, those are forms of charisma, but Libra is different. Libras are sociable and friendly -- and their personality draws people to them.

They don't just inspire awe and admiration. Libra inspires warmth and connection. Libra's personality is magnetic and appealing. They stand out in a group, but they shine best in one-to-one arrangements where real sharing and intimacy is possible and even expected. In fact, Libra is the Zodiac sign associated with marriage and legal alliances.


snow on autumn leaves

Sharing life

It rules associations, close friendships, business partnerships, one's dealings with the general public. This sort of pair-bonding where two entities merge & function in concert is the theme of Libra's existence. It shapes Libra's perspective, influences its choices & behavior, creates an environment that confirms with the evidence of Libra's own eyes that "living and working together" is simply the way Life is.

Libra is primarily an intellectual sign. It loves to share ideas, compare perspectives & shape its positions to graciously accommodate others. It lives from a position of Not Me, Us. It holds to the principles of creating peace and harmony, promoting justice and fairness and finding balance in all things as its guiding directives. In that, it takes its position as the fulcrum point on the Zodiac seriously.


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  libra  sun  500 Words or Less  Lost Among the Stars  


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