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Introducing the Sun
What it means in plain English

by Rebecca Brents



Getting started

Unless you've lived under a rock all your life, there's a good chance you've at least met some very basic ideas from Astrology, one of which is apt to be your Sun Sign. This is the Zodiac sign you name when someone asks, "What's your sign?" and you answer, "I'm a Cancer." or "I'm a Virgo." or "I'm a Sagittarius."

You may well know some of the characteristics associated with your Sun Sign. If so, that's terrific, we'll get into that later. (Much later probably.) In this essay, I'm writing about the Sun -- as it relates to the concepts in Astrology ... because it's important and because it determines what you Sun Sign is in the first place.

There are 12 signs in the Zodiac. These are depicted in a circular map of the sky Astrologers call a horoscope, or a birth chart, or a Natal Chart. These are all terms for the same thing. This is what one looks like -- a map of the sky at the time I was writing this essay. (July 11, 2019, 3:45 PM, Sandia Park, NM, MDT ---> 35°N; 106°W)


Astrology chart

A map of the sky

The Sun travels through all 12 Zodiac signs in the course of a year. It spends about a month in each sign. The sign it was traveling through when you were born is what determines your Sun Sign. In the chart above, the Sun was passing through Cancer at 19° 18' of the sign.

YOUR horoscope is a map of the sky taken at the instant you were born in the place you were born. Here's what mine looks like. If you look carefully, you'll notice the two charts are different. The wheel is different. The planet placements are different. The Sun is at 2° 48' of Aries. Pretty much everything about them is different except (smile -- private joke) ... Uranus in 6th House. (But that's not important.)


Astrology chart

So much packed into one symbol

This is one of several reasons why Sun Sign Astrology is so popular. It fits inside the yearly calendar -- and there's a predictability to it that makes several things easy. We'll also talk more about those. But here we need to learn some particular things about the Sun in Astrology -- what it means, why it's important and how it defines you -- or the person, object or event you're examining.

The Sun's placement in a Zodiac sign reveals something important about your character, your personality, your way of working with life, and your way of experiencing the world. It also gives essential information about the contribution you were born to make, the kind of people you attract, and the destiny you are working to fulfill. It describes the kinds of people you get along with -- and why, and the kinds of people you have problems with ... and why.

Other components in your Natal Chart fill in their own important details, but the Sun Sign determined by your birthday sets an important theme in describing the spiritual treasures you have ... and the remarkably unique person you are.


pink sunrise

Your essential being

This astrology placement describes your essential being, for the Sun in Astrology symbolizes your sense of personal identity, and the Astrology sign containing the Sun describes the traits you will use to make your mark on the world.

In Astrology, the qualities of your Sun Sign will describe your interests, your attitudes and values, the way you work to achieve your ambitions, your motives for setting those ambitions in the first place, and the essence of the roles you fill as a self-aware, spiritual being. Thus, in Astrology, the Sun Sign is an important component in describing who you are ... and who you were meant to be.

The Sun's placement is one piece of a multi-faceted puzzle. Only one. There are several dozen essential elements that go into describing who you really are and filling in all the details. But, yes, the Sun's placement on your birthday is an important thing to know ... usually an easy one to determine ... and so it's a good place to start.



Now, there are several implied promises in this essay -- and I'm keeping track of them. If you follow this course of instruction, just working with your Sun energy you will learn:

  • The essential features of your central character ---> your interests attitudes & values
  • The traits that define your personality ---> your strengths and weaknesses ---> your natural expressions
  • How you are designed to work with life ---> your instinctive modus operandi
  • How you were built to experience the world that sets you apart from "everyone else"
  • The contribution you were born to make ---> how you work to achieve your ambitions / your motives for those ambitions
  • The kinds of people you attract and why ---> and how you can work together based on compatibility, shared interests and common goals
  • The kinds of people you don't get along with easily -- and why ---> and how you can improve your relationships by understanding each other
  • Your spiritual identity as a remarkable, unique individual ---> the essential roles you were designed to fill

Of course there's lots more to Astrology than just your Sun and Sun Sign information!!


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