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The Dedicated Leader

by Rebecca Brents


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The Fixed Fire Sign

Leo, along with Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius is one of the Fixed Signs in Astrology. Fixed Signs are the stabilizers in life -- the managers and organizers. They often don't get along with one another because they are each very set in their ways (Yes, they're control freaks!!) and they have different priorities in what they consider important.

Taurus is the most conservative of the group. He deals with assets, material resources, support channels, budgeting, possessions and money!!

Scorpio is the most controlling. He deals with investments, large scale projects of destruction and rebuilding, ventures that require the presence of many different talents -- some of whom may not always be cooperative. It's Scorpio's job to make them perform, regardless.

Aquarius is the most detached. His job is to work independently but in coordination with like-minded thinkers to create a better future according to a complex vision which he helps construct.

Leo is the most personally invested in the leadership he brings to his supporters. He has a vision of who he is, what he wants to create and why. He believes he's "the best person for the job" (maybe the only one) -- and he's ready to do whatever it takes to prove it.

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