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Leo: Light and Dark
Cultivating Your Inner Artist

by Rebecca Brents


Leo is ruled by The Sun

When it's your time to shine ...

Leos are famous for their confidence and charisma. They travel the world wrapped in the aura of their glorious self-esteem. Leos seem born believing they are important. Who they are and what they do matters. It sure matters to them, and it sure better to you.

So in Life's natural scheme, when The Sun travels through Leo's sign each year -- from about July 22 to August 22 -- all of us are invited to sample what life feels like for Leos ... regardless of our sign.

When The Sun meets Leo in the golden heart of summer, you feel your own confidence rise. There's an inevitable tug on your artistic interests, your desire for creative self-expression -- and this natural yearning takes many forms. It can be conventionally artistic, involving music, theater, dance, writing, painting, sculpture, photography, etc.

But creative self-expression means creating anything. Because of you and your efforts something exists now that didn't exist before. (Thus Leo is strongly associated with children -- specifically "your children." But the creative drive is not just that.)

You wanted to make a change ... to produce something ... to contribute a part of you. In your soul, you had a vision. So you conceived a plan, put in time and effort ... and voila, there it is. Creativity -- start to finish.



... step out of your own Shadow

But just as Leo energy can reveal vital things about your skills, prospects and purpose, it can also encourage an inflated ego and exhibits of unjustified pride. We've all seen (or know) people who need more practice at what they do to perfect their abilities and products into something impressive.

They think they're better than they are, and no tactful criticism or well-meaning suggestions will tell them otherwise. Leo is also about developing a strong ego -- having the stamina and grace to judge your own work with a discerning eye ... and to hear the loving intent behind truly constructive criticism.

Constructive criticism is comment sincerely meant to help you step beyond your ego and improve the thing you love to do. It doesn't aim to simply slam your work ... or "cut you down to size." (Comments like that come from a different place altogether.) The genuine, mature creator wants to improve his craft ... in his own way. But he deliberately accepts -- or rejects -- outside opinions on how to do so.

The artist working from his Leo energy (regardless of his sign or his medium) works simultaneously to improve at his craft and to please himself. He doesn't sacrifice one for the other. Nor does he cater to public opinion just to be popular. He honors both his work and its source. He perfects his message and its expression. His art takes on its own life -- and that is how he grows.

Leo creativity in all signs fuels and nourishes this effort -- once ego, false pride and a needy preoccupation for hearing only praise step down and get out of the way.


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